Dulwich & District

Hearing Loss

We are compiling a “directory” of information, resources and contacts that could help us all to hear better.
On 29 March 43 members of D&D u3a joined a discussion about different aspects of hearing loss. Many of the members who attended had experienced difficulties finding a resolution to their issues. Many had been successful, some lives had been transformed by skilled care.
We would like to find a way to share the positive experiences. Please let me have any information or contacts that you have found
useful by clicking on the blue bird logo.
Our aim is to make D&D u3a as accessible and enjoyable for all our present and potential members.

Do you know how to get subtitles on your television? I didn’t.
Do you know about the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness? I didn’t.

A follow up meeting has been arranged for Monday 24th May at 10.30am.
Please do get in touch.