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Online Groups

This page will contain details of Groups that are being formed during the lockdown

Many of our existing groups can take 'extra' members during the lockdown even though they do not have physical capacity. Please contact convenors via the group TAB or use the contact details in the printed Groups Programme Directory.

The groups listed below will follow existing online courses and meet online to discuss progress.
These online courses are provided by the Open university and other world leading institutions around the world.
No fees are payable but a charge is made for assessments and completion certificates.
Courses vary in length but generally run for between 3 and 10 sessions.
Some are timetabled but many can be followed at your own pace.

The groups will be locally based discussion/support groups meeting online, café style.
It is of course possible to study these on your own and many have online forums and blogs you can contribute to.
It is anticipated that our locally based groups would support each other in the learning and discuss problems and issues that arise.

Forensic Psychology:learn how to solve a crime using only eyewitness evidence. For full course details click PSYCHOLOGY
This group already has a convenor so if just one more member is interested we are set to go! Please contact MARY via message on this page

If you are interested in any of the courses listed below please message the Group Coordinators via this link E GROUPS or the bird link on this page

Concepts in Sustainable Development - for details click SUSTAIN

Can renewable energy sources power the world? - For details click RENEWABLE

Start Writing Fiction - For details click FICTION

Logical and critical Thinking - For details click CRITICAL

The science of evolution - For details click EVOLUTION

Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking - For details click RHETORIC

What is contemporary art? - for details click CONTEMP ART

The courses above are just a small sample of the thousands on offer - if those don't appeal find one from the providers below.
The main providers of these courses are listed below - click on each name to see full details of all courses.







These types of courses are known as MOOCs ( Massive Open Online Courses ). For a guide and details of many more providers click MOOCS

For members who do not currently have an active Dulwich U3A group there are now U3As that operate only online.

The Virtual U3A is UK based and has 'groups' ranging from Creative writing to Science & Technology. This is based on contributing to online 'blogs' and discussion forums rather than virtual meetings on Zoom,Skype etc For a full list see VIRTUAL
The subscription is £12 per year.
The Third Age Trust has now lunched a web based U3A which does have 'traditional 'groups this is known as TRUST U3A
Just click on the name for more details. Very early stages of development and only a few groups exist so far.

We also can join the Australian online Version known as U3A Online for details of around 80 courses click U3AONLINE
Dulwich U3A Astronomy Group have been trialling the materials - do contact the Astronomy convenor for more details
Individuals can sign up for Australian $30 but we ( Dulwich U3A ) are already a member as an organisation so the fee is only $15 for each group.
Please contact the Group Coordinators via bird link on this page for more details