Dulwich & District


As we are all on lockdown at home this page will contain information to help us cope with social isolation.
A very good locally based website that has links to most of the local shops that deliver in the Dulwich area is DULWICH DELIVERS
For a full spreadsheet list of local businesses that offer food deliveries and other essentials click DELIVER
These include many suppliers that supplied local cafés and restaurants and now are diversifying to help local communities.

Several local bookshops are offering home deliveries and also Mr Green's toyshop in the village.
Please do support all our local traders.

New Covent Garden wholesalers now supply to the public click COVENT for a full list.
Some suppliers will take telephone orders which some members may prefer.

Worthy of particular note are smithandbrock phone 02036214242 or see website at SMITHBROCK boxes from £15 to £45 they supply local caterer Suzanne James.
Also Spiers phone 02078560482 veg, fruit and or meat boxes from £7.50 to £28 (two local residents who are unable to open their Salad bars.)

A number of areas are getting together and setting up small local Street Groups that can offer help.
These groups are organising via WhatsApp and other social media.
If you wish to join one and had have not had a leaflet through the door look online at the local forum such as:-

These local online forums carry lots of up-to-date local information related to the virus and lots of other matters.

The new Next Door forum even has a clickable map where you can see any help needed or offer help.

For Southwark Council virus information click SOUTHWARK and Lambeth click LAMBETH

For members who do not currently have an active Dulwich U3A group there are two U3As that operate only online.

The Virtual U3A is UK based and has 'groups' ranging from Creative writing to Science & Technology. For a full list see VIRTUAL
The subscription is £12 per year.

We also can join the Australian online Version known as U3A Online for details of around 80 courses click U3AONLINE
Dulwich U3A Astronomy Group have been trialling the materials - do contact the Astronomy convenor for more details
Individuals can sign up for Australian $30 but we ( Dulwich U3A ) are already a member as an organisation so the fee is only $15 for each group.
please contact the secretary via bird link on this page for more details

The Third Age Trust also has lots of useful information on how to keep groups going during this crisis see THIRDAGE
The Trust is coordinating a 'diary project' that some members may wish to take part in.

For a comprehensive list of useful websites which have (mainly) free events covering Arts culture and a lot more visit the page Staying at home: online opportunities, updated from the list on page 4 of the March Newsletter, or (for a Word document) click FREE ON LINE ART

Please contact the secretary if you see any errors or omissions on this page but using the bird link on this page.