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Membership Subscriptions

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The U3A’s membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March each year. The annual subscription for each member is £12. This covers the running costs of our own U3A plus the Third Age Trust’s annual subscription of £3.50. New members joining after 31st December each year pay a reduced subscription. No reduction is given to:

  • Joint members (two members who live at the same address);
  • Members of other U3As;

Members may choose to receive Third Age Matters (TAM), the national U3A magazine, which is mailed direct to home addresses five times a year. TAM costs £3.10 per year in addition to the annual membership subscription. Joint members only receive, and pay for, one copy of TAM.

The Membership Class table below details the annual subscriptions for the different types of membership.

In addition to the annual subscription, members may be required to pay additional charges to cover the running costs of the groups to which they belong. For example, to cover meeting room hire, refreshments, specialist equipment, visit tickets etc. These charges are controlled by the groups themselves.

SUBSCRIPTION RATES if joining from 1ST APRIL 2020 - 31ST DECEMBER 2020

INDIVIDUAL – NO TAM£12.00£6.00An individual member who does not receive TAM
INDIVIDUAL - TAM£15.10£9.10An individual member who receives TAM
JOINT – NO TAM£24.00£12.00Two members sharing an address, neither receiving TAM
JOINT – TAM£27.10£15.10Two members sharing an address, receiving one copy of TAM

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