Dronfield & District

DDU3A Extra

As a consequence of the Coronavirus regulations many organisations are exploring how to continue managing their affairs, whether business or social, using facilities now available on the Internet.

These include meetings, presentations, face-to-face communication and the use of virtual groups.

This is a technological shift which the DDU3A might not have needed to look at closely because most of our activities are based around real meetings where members get together to pursue a common interest.
However, the world has changed and we are trying to keep up so there is now a Members Only Facebook Group and Page and a subsidiary website called DDU3A Extras.

Facebook provides individual members the opportunity to post their ideas and communicate with others.

DDU3A Extras provides a relatively easy way to create an information resource that which can be used to reference training and project materials for groups and those wanting to use web facilities for meetings, presentations or simply to keep members informed.

DDU3A Extras will only develop with contributions being made by members or groups for the benefit of other members. In the first instance please contact the Groups Manager to add or change content on this 'subsidiary website'.