Membership Fees for 2021/22

The committee has recently discussed membership renewal fees. Although we have not been able to provide a full range of activities during 2020/21, we have retained the majority of our members, and we wish to reward such loyalty with a reduced membership fee for 2021/22. Therefore, the membership fees for the year from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022 will be:

  • Renewal fee for an existing member is £5
  • A year's subscription to the Third Age Matters magazine will be £3, and is only available to members who renew in April 2021, or new members who join in April 2021
  • Fee for a new membership is £10; reducing to £8 from 1 August 2021, and reducing to £6 from 1 December 2021

Please note that we have fixed membership costs which need to be covered. These are £3.50 per member per year as our subscription to the national u3a body, the Third Age Trust, and £1 per member per year for our use of the Beacon management information system.

Membership Renewal Process

Individual Membership Renewal Forms (already pre-populated with your existing contact details) will be distributed to you on or about mid-March 2021. If you have changed your postal address and not yet informed the Membership Secretary, please do so before the beginning of March, as otherwise the form will go to your old address.
Please write any corrections to your contact details on the Membership Renewal Form, and return the Form along with your payment (which can be cash, or a cheque made payable to Droitwich Spa U3A) to the Membership Secretary at the address printed on the Form. Please postdate your cheque to the 1 April 2021 as membership cheques will not be banked until after this date.
Confirmation of your membership renewal and a Membership Card for 2021/22 will be returned to you following 1 April 2021.

Please Note

According to our Constitution, you will cease being a member of Droitwich u3a if your membership fee remains unpaid after 60 days following 1 April 2021. If you delay renewing your membership beyond May 2021, you will be charged the fee for a new membership.