Proposed New Groups

All these groups are at various stages of their development towards becoming active. Some of them require more participants to enable them to be viable, and some need a volunteer to lead/co-ordinate them. Some need both.

Art (painting in various mediums) Opportunity to practice applying different types of paint on different surfaces. Vacancies.
Calligraphy Techniques Learn exciting new writing styles using different pens. Leader needed. Vacancies.
Climate Change and the Environment Research and debate the implications of climate and environmental changes. Vacancies. Leader needed.
Indoor Bowls Ready to go “live” when current restrictions are lifted. Leader needed.
Meditation Practice and learn the skills and benefits of Meditation. Ready to become active when the current restrictions allow. Leader needed.
Poker Play poker for fun in the winter evenings. Ready to start when current restrictions allow. Leader needed.
Sunday Brunch Sample a wide variety of suitable venues in and around Worcestershire for a sociable Sunday meal. Vacancies. Leader needed.

Please click on the Envelope icon to the right to send an email to the New Groups Coordinator if you:
a) would like to put your name down for any of these activities,
b) need more information,
c) would like to propose, and possibly lead, additional activity groups,
d) would like to become a volunteer leader/co-ordinator for any of the groups listed that still require a leader.