Files on this page are for Doncaster U3A members only and are password protected. When you try to access these files you will be asked to enter a username and password. Once you have entered the username and password you will be able to access all protected files until you close the U3A Site Builder website. (Your computer may even save the username and password for future use).

Password Request:
To get the username and password for the ‘members only’ files:
1. Go to the CONTACT page.
2. Choose ‘Password Request
3. Enter you name
4. Enter the email address that you gave to us for Beacon
5. Enter your membership number in the message box.

Please note: The username and password are not computer generated, so please do not wait on-line for them. We will endeavour to reply to your username/password request as soon as possible.

Constitution updated 19 April 2016

Committee Meeting 12 May 2017
Committee Meeting 16 June 2017
Committee Meeting 13 July 2017
Committee Meeting 14 September 2017
Committee Meeting 12 October 2017
Committee Meeting 16 November 2017
Committee Meeting 18 January 2018
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