Little Dresses for Africa

Appeal by Chris Woolven

As an aid worker in Africa during much of the 1980s I witnessed first hand the desperate poverty prevalent in that continent. It was bad in those days but the devastating effects of Aids on the adult population since that time has left many children without parents. Often the care of smaller siblings falls on the shoulders of the older girls in the family, with little or no adult support. These girls can easily fall prey to adults and become the victims of abuse, assault and even abduction. The Charity “Little dresses for Africa” is one which aims to provide decent clothing for poverty stricken children so that they may gain self respect and a better quality of life. Girls are far less likely to be the subject of ill treatment if they are dressed in proper clothes rather than rags. A potential abuser may well think twice if the girl appears cared for!

I have already spoken to our textiles group about supporting this worthy cause, and in doing so we will be the second U3A in the country to contribute. Cheadle U3A are already involved.

I am sure many of our members will have unused fabrics which they might be willing to contribute and others might be willing to unearth unused sewing machines and have a go.

Please let contact me If you are able and willing to help in any way.
Chris Woolven 01302 265580

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