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Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Dementia Friends
Website for 'Dementia Friends' - an Alzheimer's Society initiative.
Alzheimer\'s Society website
Doncaster - Living Well with Dementia.
Doncaster Council: How they approach the subject of Dementia. Many useful Links included.
Help with Health Costs: The Citizen's Advice Bureau website offers various links regarding help with health costs.

Doncaster Home Alarm Service.
A home alarm and Telecare service which helps elderly and vulnerable adults to live safely in their own home.

Little Book of Big Scams - Edition 4.
A booklet compiled by the Metropolitan Police Service.
Little Book of Cyber Scams
A booklet compiled by the Metropolitan Police Service.
Go to
The Little Leaflet of Cyber Mistakes
A booklet compiled by the Metropolitan Police Service.
DMBC Protect Yourself and your Property.
Doncaster Council advice regarding ● Staying Safe ● Prevent Car Crime ● Immobiliser ● Rogue Traders ● Smartwater
AMAZON SCAM (7 Jan 2017)

Transport Accessibility - South Yorkshire.
Travel South Yorkshire. Has links to: ● Door 2 Door ● Mobility Scooters ● Our Interchanges ● Train Stations
The Door 2 Door leaflet 2014 is linked to this site. Details in this leaflet are subject to change, to reflect annual Council budgets.
Travel Concessions.These websites explain how the English National Travel Concession Travel Scheme works. Click on the Links SENIOR Pass or DISABLED Pass
Doncaster - Transport: Information taken from the Doncaster Independent Living Guide relating to disability and mobility.

● Doncaster Citizen's Advice Bureau.
A new CAB office has opened in Doncaster town centre - 5 Queensgate, Waterdale, Doncaster DN1 3JN. Tel: 01302 217777
Click on C.A.B. North East for North East Doncaster (Stainforth & Thorne) or C.A.B. Mexborough

Warm Home Discount Scheme
This is a site. It explains ● What you will get ● Eligibility ● How to claim.
Council Tax Leaflet for 2016-17
This DMBC leaflet includes information about ● Changes in circumstances ● Discounts ● Ways to pay ● Empty properties.
Housing Benefits - National.
This is the website and includes: ● Overview ● What you'll get ● Eligibility ● How to claim ● Further information.
DMBC Housing Benefits
This is DMBC's webpage for Housing Benefits. It includes information, advice and guidance.

● The Citizen's Advise Bureau have information about a range of Benefits for Older People.
Over 75 TV Licence
TV Licensing site: Information about applying for an 'over 75' television licence.
Winter Fuel Payment
This is the websiteand includes: ● Overview ● What you'll get ● Eligibility ● How to claim

Basic State Pension: This is the website.
Additional State Pension: This is the website.
Deferring Your State Pension
This is the website. It gives information about ● How to defer ● How to claim ● Inheriting a deferred pension

FIRST STOP and EAC - Elderly Accommodation Counsel
FirstStop is a free information and advice service designed to help older people decide how best to meet their needs for support, care and suitable housing. It is provided jointly by a growing number of national and local organisations and it is led by the charity, Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC).

The information contained in the following factsheets is intended to be, and should be regarded as, a brief summary and is based on our (First Stop's) understanding of present legislation, regulations and guidance. No responsibility can be accepted for ACTION based on this information.
EAC Factsheet 1: Paying your Care Home Fees
EAC Factsheet 2: Care home fees and Treatment of Property
EAC Factsheet 3: Care home fees and Treatment of Couples
EAC Factsheet 4: NHS Funding for Care and Support
EAC Factsheet 5: Deprivation of Assets
EAC Factsheet 6: Care and Support at Home
EAC Factsheet 7: Funding Care and Support at Home
EAC Factsheet 8: Obtaining Care and Support from your Local Authority
EAC Factsheet 9: Advice on hospital admissions and discharge
EAC Factsheet 10: Extra Care Housing
EAC Factsheet 11: Arrangements for making decisions for Other People
EAC Factsheet 12: Benefits for people of Retirement age
EAC Factsheet 13: Choice and Council funded Care home placements
EAC Factsheet 14: Support and help for Carers
EAC Factsheet 15: Finding the right Home for you
EAC Factsheet 16: Accommodation options for older people who have dementia.
EAC Factsheet 17: Buying a Retirement Property.
EAC Factsheet 18: Getting Legal Advice
EAC Factsheet 20: Help with the Cost of Moving and other Financial Support
EAC Factsheet 24: Living Longer - remaining Independent
EAC Factsheet 25: Points to consider when moving in with Family
EAC Factsheet 27: Homesharing
EAC Factsheet 29: Equity Release
EAC Factsheet 31: What do you need to think about now that the Care Act is here
EAC Factsheet - Mutual Exchange
EAC Factsheet A: Choosing and paying for a Care home.

EAC Guide 1 - Housing & Care Options for Older People
EAC Guide 2 - Choosing a Care Home and paying
EAC Guide 3 - Living Safely & Well at Home

EAC Information Sheet B: Personal Care Options report:
Sections 1 to 10 include useful information if you are thinking about moving into a Care Home.

EAC Information Sheet C: Personal Housing options report:
Pages 1 to 13 include useful information regarding whether or not to move house.

EAC: Home from Hospital This link gives useful information regarding ● Aids and Equipment ● Care ● Home help ● Home maintenance ● Transport.

● See the Link FIRST STOP for additional information about Services to the Public.