Membership Information

Annual membership of Doncaster U3A (DU3A) provides access to eleven monthly meetings, unlimited interest groups**, special events, six newsletters*** compiled by our own members and five issues of ‘Third Age Matters’ magazine delivered to members' homes.

The membership year for Doncaster U3A runs from APRIL - MARCH.

** The subscription allows members to attend, but not always without further cost, as many of the DU3A group sessions as they have time for. Additional fees may be due for some groups to cover costs such as room hire and refreshments. These are always kept to a minimum.

*** The DU3A Newsletter is either emailed directly to members or a hard copy is available for collection at the monthly meeting. There is an additional fee for members who wish their newsletters to be delivered by post (see below).

Subs are due by 1st April 2019. The cost is £14 per member, £24 joint membership (single address). An additional £4 will enable members to receive the 6 published newsletters by post. Cheques are preferable though not essential. If you wish to pay your subscription by post, for details of the address, please contact the Membership Secretary by clicking on Membership Enquiries on the CONTACT page. If you renew your membership by post please remember to enclose a STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE for the return of your annual membership card.

If you are a taxpayer and would like us to reclaim tax from the Government on your subscription as a Gift Aid donation please indicate this on your membership form.
Important Note: Please contact the Treasurer as soon as possible if you are no longer a tax-payer as the Inland Revenue will seek to claim any Gift Aid overpaid to the DU3A directly from you and not from the DU3A.

If you would like to try us out, come along to one of our General Meetings on the third Monday of the month. You will be welcomed as a visitor and will be able to ‘try out' some of our groups for a short time. After that, should you wish to continue to attend meetings and groups, you will be expected to join the Doncaster U3A. Please contact the Membership Secretary by clicking on Membership Enquiries on the CONTACT page.

If you are already a member of another U3A please contact the Membership Secretary regarding subscription fees.

See the LINK on the right for Membership Application Form - 2019-20

To check your personal details held on Beacon click on DU3A Membership Portal. You can also check details of the groups in which you participate.

Some files on this site are for Doncaster U3A members only and are password protected. When you try to access these files you will be asked to enter a username and password. Once you have entered the username and password you will be able to access all protected files until you close the U3A Site Builder website. (Your computer may even save the username and password for future use).
Password Request:
To get the username and password for the ‘members only’ files:
1. Go to the CONTACT page.
2. Choose ‘Password Request’
3. Enter you name
4. Enter the email address that you gave to us for Beacon
5. Enter your membership number in the message box.
Please note: The username and password are not computer generated, so please do not wait on-line for them. We will endeavour to reply to your username/password request as soon as possible.