Cluster partners

Clusters allows members of any of the individual U3As to attend up to three interest groups in the other U3As in the cluster without having to become associate members, provided the specific interest group has vacancies. You will, of course, still have to pay any individual class expenses such as room hire contributions.

Below are links to our current U3A Cluster partner groups, though some U3As have been dropping out without necessarily telling us. You can use the contact details on the websites to find out if the U3A is still in the Cluster, if a particular group is open, and for information about joining that group.

Alfreton and District
Hope Valley
Long Eaton and District
Ripley and District

You can, of course, become an associate member of any other U3A at a slightly reduced fee, and will then have the same rights as full members.

If you are a member of a cluster u3a group and you want to join one to three of our groups, you should fill in and return a membership application form - see how to Join