Previous Archaeology meetings

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June, "Development of Pottery, Pt 1"
May, "Archaeology of Cappadocia"
April, "Archaeoastronomy 2"
March, "Archaeoastronomy 1"
February, "Crete"
January, "Roman Roads"


December, "Easter island"
November, "Archaeology of Star Carr 4"
September, "Archaeology of Star Carr 3"
July, "Archaeology of Star Carr 2"
June, "Archaeology of Star Carr 1"
March, "The Horse and Man"
February, "Archaeology of the Vale of Pewsey"
January, "Populating of Europe 2"


November, "Populating of Europe 1"
October, "Who were the Greeks"
June, "Archaeology of the dead"
March, "Feudalism
February, "Bronze Age Ireland"
January, "Irish history - why the Irish border matters", Irish History slides


December, "England from the departure of the Romans until 1000AD"
November, "How Scotland became a nation"
October, "Stone Age Ireland part 1" and "Stone Age Ireland part 2".
July, "Art in the Dark Ages"
June, "Who were the Visigoths"
March, April, May, "The Development of Europe", 275-1000AD
9th February, "Homo Floresiensis", Catherine Wykes
12th January, "The effect of monetisation in the ancient world", John Wykes


13th October, Great courses DVD: Ancient Greece
8th September, "Egypt under the Ptolemies", John Whiteman
10th March, "Order, Death & the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt", John Wykes
10th February, "The importance of the Nile in Ancient Egypt", John Whiteman
14th January, "Tutenkhamun", Max Maughan


11th November

Short presentations

Shetland 1 Shetland 2
Orkney 1 Orkney 2 Orkney 3 Orkney 4
From Stone to Metal

14 October we went on an archaeology field trip to Wroxeter Roman City & Wall.

12 August the group visited Arbor Low Stone Circle in the Peak District - see Archaeology Field Trips

8 July Post-Roman Britain and the coming of the Saxons. John Wykes

12 February we visited the University of Nottingham Museum where we were shown artefacts from their collection ranging from the Palaeolithic to Medieval - see Archaeology Field Trips

8 January Rituals and Spirituality: the Nature of Archaeological Evidence.


6 November some of the group attended the Open Meeting at Belper U3A for a presentation by the their Archaeology Group on their dig and display of finds.

9 October Events and Developments in Ancient Rome

11 September one of the members gave an introductory presentation on Roman campaigns during the first part of their occupation of Britain to set the scene for how the archaeology spread across the country -Romans - 1200 year overview We then watched a DVD by Alice Roberts on how our perception of the Romans in Britain has changed following excavations over the past 50 years or so.

August Trips to Stanton Moor - see Archaeology Field Trips

10 July various members gave presentations on Rock Art and we watched a very interesting dvd on the Lascaux Cave paintings in France.

12 June Stone Tools.

8 May A day trip to Cresswell Crags went well - see Archaeology Field Trips

10th April we had a presentation on Iron Age Hill Forts

13 March looked at Stone Circles and Standing Stones in the UK generally and Derbyshire
13th February We looked at burial practices throughout the Stone Age to Iron Age and we watched a DVD on the Stone Age.