Dengie & District

Photography Projects 2019

This page contains some sample pictures from the various projects that the photography group undertakes in addition to the monthly meetings and outings.

Shadows & Reflections Pictures of anything containing shadows and/or reflections

Shadows & Reflections_1 Shadows & Reflections_2 Shadows & Reflections_4 Shadows & Reflections_5
Shadows & Reflections_6 Shadows & Reflections_7 Shadows & Reflections_8 Shadows & Reflections_3

Transport Anything to do with transport of any kind

Transport_1 Transport_2 Transport_3 Transport_4 Transport_5 Transport_6

Songtitles Guess the songs depicted by these photos

Songtitle_1 Songtitle_2 Songtitle_3 Songtitle_4 Songtitle_5 Songtitle_6