Dengie & District

Photoshoots 2018

This page shows some of our pictures from the various outings the group have had.

Stow Maries Aerodrome 13 July 2018

A group of five met at Stow Maries Aerodrome on another beautiful sunny and warm morning. We arrived at 10.30, paid our entrance fee and started by viewing the main exhibition area. The aerodrome has a number of very knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers and before long one of them had offered to give us an unofficial tour of the hangars which gave us a great opportunity for some pictures. After coffee and cake we then joined one of the official guided tours taking us around the aerodrome explaining the history of the site and their vision for the ongoing restoration work. All in all a very informative and enjoyable morning.

Tony_StowMaries_2 Tony_StowMaries_3 Tony_StowMaries_4 Tony_StowMaries_5 Stephen_StowMaries_2
Stephen_StowMaries_3 Stephen_StowMaries_4 Stephen_StowMaries_5 Stephen_StowMaries_6 Stephen_StowMaries_7
Stephen_StowMaries_9 Stephen_StowMaries_10 BrianC_StowMAries_1 BrianC_StowMAries_2 BrianC_StowMaries_3

Tollesbury 14 September 2018

Six of us made our way to Tollesbury on a warm September morning, all arriving at the car park at pretty much the same time despite travelling in three separate cars. We spent an hour and a half wandering around the Marina and the salt marsh paths photographing boats of all shapes and sizes, and of course the famous Sail Lofts. After enjoying coffee and teacakes (and cheese on toast in one case) we then walked up to the imposing lightship which is now used as an activity centre for sailing, birdwatching etc. A very nice place to visit and an enjoyable morning with some great photographs as well!

Tony_Tollesbury_4 Tony_Tollesbury_3 Tony_Tollesbury_2 Tony_Tollesbury_1 Brian_Tollesbury_7
Brian_Tollesbury_6 Brian_Tollesbury_5 Brian_Tollesbury_4 Brian_Tollesbury_3 Brian_Tollesbury_2
Brian_Tollesbury_1 Stephen_Tollesbury_10 Stephen_Tollesbury_9 Stephen_Tollesbury_8 Stephen_Tollesbury_7
Stephen_Tollesbury_6 Stephen_Tollesbury_5 Stephen_Tollesbury_4 Stephen_Tollesbury_3 Stephen_Tollesbury_2