Dengie & District

Photography Projects 2018

This page contains some sample pictures from the various projects that the photography group undertakes in addition to the monthly meetings and outings.

Unusual Viewpoint The brief for this project was to take pictures of familiar objects in an unusual way

Stephen_UnusualView_1 Stephen_UnusualView_4 Malcolm_UnusualView_1 Brian_UnusualView_1 Brian_UnususalView_2
Stephen_UnusualView_3 Brian_UnusualView_3 Stephen_UnusualView_7 Stephen_UnusualView_10 Malcolm_UnusualView_2

Winter: A simple brief to take photos representing Winter

Ron_Winter_1 Brian_Winter_1 Brian_Winter_2 Stephen_Winter_2 Stephen_Winter_3
Malcolm_Winter_1 Ron_Winter_2 Brian_Winter_3 Stephen_Winter_1