Dengie & District

2019 Christmas Party

On Monday 9th December over 90 members and guests met to enjoy our Christmas Party at the Jacks centre. As well as some excellent food, great company, and a "teasing" quiz, we were entertained by Christmas songs led by a group of our members. A few photos from the event can be seen below.

2019_Christmas_Party_1 2019_Christmas_Party_2 2019_Christmas_Party_3 2019_Christmas_Party_4 2019_Christmas_Party_5
2019_Christmas_Party_6 2019_Christmas_Party_7 2019_Christmas_Party_8 2019_Christmas_Party_9 2019_Christmas_Party_10
2019_Christmas_Party_11 2019_Christmas_Party_12 2019_Christmas_Party_13 2019_Christmas_Party_