Deeside & Wirral Network


Network Leaflet Welcome to the website of the Deeside and Wirral U3A Network. Here you can find out what we do (click the Leaflet link on right to see our leaflet) and how to contact the individual U3As in the network via our Members button above.

The Coronavirus pandemic has restricted our activities & disrupted our organisation but we are continuing to hold Network Committee meetings online until we can meet in person at an AGM to agree our future path & elect a full set of officers.

The aim of the 'Network' is to widen the opportunities of all the members in the local U3As that are registered within the network.

Some of the ways we try to achieve this are:

  • Share and promote 'minority' interest groups. A 'minority' group is one which is not registered with any individual U3A for which there is a demand e.g philosophy which is not offered by any individual U3A but there may well be a demand from members within the Network. See Network Interest Groups for details.
  • Allow members of the Network to join interest groups outside their primary U3A, under certain provisos (see FAQ's).
  • Organise outings and joint events such as Study days, exhibitions and competitions. The most recent of these was our Science Day on 30th April 2018.
  • Interest Group Leaders share their knowledge and expertise with other U3A groups with the same interest.
  • Share information about special events, excursions, holidays etc.