Deeside & Wirral Network


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I join more than one U3A?
A1: There is no reason why you cannot join more than one U3A in the Network. You do not need to join to participate in an Interest/Study group but to attend the regular monthly meetings you are required to be a member of that U3A.

Q2: I am a member of 2 U3A's I have been asked which is my main U3A, Why?
A2: The reason is that The Third Age Trust require a return each year of the number of members in each U3A. If you belong to 2 U3A's then you will be counted twice so distorting the actual membership unless you declare which U3A should count you as a member.

Q3: If I join more than one U3A in the 'Network' do I need to pay the full membership for each U3A?
A3: Reduction of the membership fee for a second or subsequent U3A is not obligatory and is entirely at the discretion of each U3A. The main issue is that if the secondary U3A charges the full fee, they should not include this member in their capitation charges as it distorts the national membership figures. so regardless of whether the reduction is applied or not, all U3As should be aware of the number of people who have secondary membership with them.

Q4: If I have paid membership to 2 U3A's within the network can I attend both monthly meetings?
A4: Yes you can attend your primary and secondary U3A provided that you have full membership (secondary membership may not include capitation fee see A3).

Q5: Do I need to join the U3A group that hosts the interest group that I wish to join?
A5: Not always. As a member of the U3A's within the network you may participate in other U3A's interest groups provided:

- the interest group has vacancies and is actively seeking members
- that the 'Group leader' (co-ordinator) is willing to accept them into the group and the host U3A is in agreement.
- members are accepted into the interest group on the proviso that their membership of the interest group is until the end of that membership year. At which time if members of the hosting U3A wish to join the interest group then the visiting members(those from another U3A) will relinquish membership of that interest group.

Q6: How do I join one of the interest groups in the Network?
A6: Once you have identified an interest group that you wish to attend do the following (See A5 above)

- Contact the Group Liaison officer of the U3A hosting the Interest group
- Request admission to the Interest group
- If appropriate, contact the group leader (group co-ordinator) of the interest group
- If there is space for you then arrange a visit. If you join the interest group no further U3A membership is necessary. However, there may be group specific charges. Coffee/tea or venues etc.

Q7: Can I go to the monthly meetings of any U3A in the Network?
A7: No you need to be a member of the U3A hosting the monthly meeting..At the discretion of the Chair you may attend up to 2 monthly meetings at a U3A of your choice within the Network.

Q8: My U3A doesn't have an Interest/Study group that I wish to join but another U3A in the Network has such a group Can I join that group?
A8: See A5 above

Q9: My Interest/Study group in my U3A has been filled by members of other U3A's what is my position?
A9: Members from other U3A's who are using places in an interest group required by members of the hosting U3A will be required to relinquish their place at the end of the membership year of the hosting U3A.

Q10: Do I need to pay a capitation charge if I join an interest/study group of another U3A within the Network?
A10: You are only required to pay one capitation fee to your primary U3A. However if you join a secondary U3A there may not be a reduction in membership fees.

Q11: I am already a member of a U3A and wish to join another U3A in the Network. I have been asked to pay the full membership which actually includes another capitation fee, which I have already paid. Is this correct?
A11: Every U3A is autonomous, therefore each has its own constitution and guidelines. If they require a full amount then it is their right to do so. You must make it clear to your secondary U3A that you are not counted in their membership returns to the Third Age Trust.