Deepings- History


Rosemary McCulloch, Rod Sloane, Liz Noble



Garth Perry - 2016 - current

Liz Noble - 2012 - 2016

Rod Sloane - 2011 -2012

Derek Osborne - 2006 - 2011

Rosemary McCulloch - 2003 - 2006



The first meeting was held on 30th June 2003 organised by Rosemary McCulloch and Rod Sloane, supported by other Deeping people then members of the Stamford U3A. Rosemary was active with the National movement and held the position of Vice Chairman. A steering committee was set up and John Mcneil of Stamford gave valuable guidance in setting up the first activity groups which form the backbone of our Deepings U3A today.

The first AGM held in October 2003 constituted a committee made up of Rosemary as Chairman, Rod Sloane as Secretary, Geoff Whittle as Treasurer and Irene Beeken, Brian Thornthwaite, Ann Holmes, Cath Pridgeon and Glenys Whittle as members. Submissions for a number of grants were successful which assisted with the start up.

One of the first News Letter productions

September 2003

Why go to the South of France or Spain when you can get the same climate in The Deepings? What a summer we have had! In between watering the garden, members of The Deepings Third Age Group have been working really hard – at having a good time.
We now have 64 members and have been accepted as a member of the Third Age Trust. This means that we have officially joined the 500 other U3A’s in the country and have access to all the national support mechanisms such as information on group subjects, on line courses legal advice and, of course, public liability cover of £5,000,000.
Many of our Special Interest Groups are so successful that they are contemplating forming second groups.
If you put your name down for the Theatre Group please do not despair. Come the autumn, I plan to organise a trip with you all.
Thank you very much all of you who are acting as Group Leaders – U3A cannot do without you.
Please feel free to telephone me if you are not happy about something in U3A, or you want to suggest some addition to our programme, or anything else that you want to put forward.
Best wishes

Retiring Chairman reports


October 2016 Liz Noble

My time too has come to an end as Chairman this month. I have thoroughly enjoyed my term and delighted to see how our U3A has developed. I must express my appreciation for the Committee over the four years – they have been so supportive and dedicated to helping things run smoothly. A big thank you to them all and of course to the Group Leaders for their commitment.
Finally of course without you, the members, we wouldn’t have such a successful U3A….please keep coming!

October 2012 Rod Sloane.

Dear Friends,
Well, here we are a year on since the last AGM and reshuffle and this is my last letter as Chairman. I must say it has flown by and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Liz for holding the fort for me on several occasions this year. I know you were in capable hands! Reflecting on this past year I must also mention my appreciation of the U3A committee as a whole and how dedicated the members are giving their time and talents to ensure the smooth running of our U3A. Group Leaders also commit much time and energy to keep things running smoothly. It is also pleasing to note that we continue to attract new members, so we must be doing something right.
A big thank you also goes to all our members, full and affiliate alike as without your support we would not have a such a successful U3A. So please carry on attending!
It was nice to see the sunshine for a little while in September but not so good for people in the north with
the recent floods. It must be a truly devastating experience. And now it’s flu jab time; must be getting
close to winter!
Best wishes

October 2011 Derek Osborne.

Dear friends,
Well! This will be my last column as chairman. It‟s October and I have just come in from the garden because it is too hot to carry on outside. 28 C in the shade. Talk about going out in a blaze! Out and about in the village today, people have been getting back out all their summer clothes that they thought they had packed away until at least next May. Get ready for that last barbeque, the smell of burning meat will be in the air tonight but, I digress. No more outpourings of a grumpy old man. No doubt the world will carry on just as before.
It has been great being able to indulge myself with sometimes inconsequential chat. I have been told that some members thought that my column should be more focused on U3A matters but too much flag waving makes your arms tired. When Rosemary was chairman she wrote a column every month and I felt obliged to carry on. I realise that I have made a rod for my own back and for every chairman following. Five years and sixty columns is a long time.
It has been a great privilege to be your chairman, only the second one since the group was formed. I‟ve had the benefit of being helped by a great committee who are the backbone of any group and an army of volunteers who make our monthly meetings run so smoothly. (Gets flag out) The U3A is a great organisation, now worldwide, a superb force for harmony and understanding, a source of friendship and company for recycled teenagers and the lonely. We are never too old to learn, indeed if you ever think you are, then pull up the bedclothes and give up.
(Waves flag vigorously).
Our lives and jobs have made us all experienced in something, perhaps not necessarily unique but of great value to share. Some of our best speakers have been members who have talked about their experiences or hobbies and, because of their commitment have brought it to life. We have said it before, if you feel you have a story to tell that you feel your family would appreciate, of life, work or particular experience and you don‟t know how to start, then contact any member of the committee and we will get the ball rolling. We are not all expert but we know people who are.
(Puts flag away)
See you around,
Derek Osborne

February 2007 Rosemary McCulloch.

Well everyone, this will be my last ‘column’ as your Chairman. Speaking personally, I would like to say that the past three years have been some of the most fulfilling and exciting years of my life. Thank you all for that. Here are some quotes from other U3A members who have summed up what it means to be part of our organisation far better than I ever could.

  • U3A has helped me to keep self-respect as a thinking person, not a cast-off.
  • The fun and laughter we have enjoyed together in U3A over the years has saved the NHS hundreds of pounds by preserving our health.
  • U3A has been a godsend to me.

I am immensely grateful to U3A. I have learnt a lot, met many interesting people and made new friends. It has made a great difference to life in the last three years.

So, good luck to Derek Osborne and his team, good luck to all Group Leaders and, most of all, good luck to all of you in the years ahead. If anyone is planning a visit to Sydney, be sure to contact me in advance and I shall be very happy to provide you with a bed or act as tour guide for this wonderful city. Meanwhile –

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day!

Best wishes
Rosemary McCulloch

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