INFORMATION for Group Leaders/members on the process for accessing and editing content on Group pages

The Deepings' U3A Website offers the opportunity for any of our member(s) to be given permission to edit parts of our website. eg. Group pages. Editing may only be done by a registered member (normally the Group Leader but it could be any nominated person). Registration and login/passwords can to be obtained by contacting our Groups co-ordinator or webmaster.

After permissions and log in details have been obtained editing of a Groups page(s)/sub pages can be done at any time 'on line'.

The approved member can amend all the Group page content thus: - text can be edited/added to/deleted, forward plans/programs can be entered and pictures can be uploaded/deleted/titled etc.
The approved individual is also able to create additional sub pages, these are linked to the main Group page. These sub pages can be used for any use and any one or more can be assigned to another member for their sole use. That member will need to registered too and will need to have their own login permission. (apply to our Groups co-ordinator/webmaster.)

Note for all:
The Website, and therefore all the pages therein are open to the world and of course to all our members. The information and content disclosed should therefore be given due care and consideration before being entered.

Detailed instructions for using the facility on the website can be obtained from the Webmaster or Group co-ordinator to get you started. After that a good and instructive menu process is available to guide you through all the options to do any changes you may wish to do.

To avail yourselves of the process for a Group, please advise Webmaster or the Group Co-ordinator who will take the required action and advise you of the necessary details to proceed. Note: for each Group it is necessary to have a different login/password

Following approval for access take the following signing in link.
site edit
Take the ‘Login and Edit’ option.
Enter Login name advised to you as 'nnnn..'
The name of your U3A which is ''deeping''
This will take you to your Group page where there are a number of help pages available at the point of entry to help you.