Daventry & District

About Daventry & District

Daventry is also known as Danetre by the locals, hence the Viking and Tree symbols used by many organisations in the town. It is a medium size market town in the west of Northamptonshire with a population of over 25,000.

Sheaf Street Daventry

The town is also the administrative centre of the larger Daventry district, which stretches from just near Market Harborough in the north to Canons Ashby in the South, a distance of 40 Km (25 miles), with a population of nearly 88,000 (2011 census).

The Burton Memorial

The source of two rivers start near Daventry, just outside the village of Badby, the river Nene which flows east through Northampton and on to the mouth at The Wash and the River Leam which flows west through Leamington and then joins the River Avon going through Warwick and Stratford on Avon. The Avon eventually flows into the River Severn at Tewkesbury and then on to the Severn Estuary near Bristol.

The Braunston Marina

The Grand Union Canal also passes close to the town with junctions to the Oxford Canal and others. There are marinas close by at Braunston, Welton, Whilton, Staverton and many others locally. The canals that used to be the UK’s industrial motorways of the 18th century are now used for recreation and pleasure. The varied and wonderful scenery of the British Waterways canals are matched only by the variety and colourful narrow boats that sail on them.

Daventry Country Park

Daventry town has two reservoirs, the largest is designated as the town’s Country Park. It is a Nature Reserve covering 140 acres with a wide variation of animals and birds.
The park has a café for visitors and is very popular at all times of the year for bird watchers, walkers and cyclists.
There is also a playground for children next to the car park.

Drayton Reservoir

The other reservoir is Drayton Reservoir and it is one of England's premier match fishing venues as well as the venue for the Rugby & Daventry Sailing Club for dinghies. Drayton Reservoir should not be confused with Draycote Water near Dunchurch, Warwickshire, just ten miles away, which is also a sailing, water sports, cycling, walking and popular picnic venue.

Daventry Moot Hall

There is an historic market centre as well as a a fine Museum which occupies a historic building in the centre of the town in New Street. Needless to say there are also many fine local shops, restaurants and of course the vital supermarkets of Waitrose, Tesco and Aldi. With more to follow.

On the edge of town is the National Monument Bronze Age Hill Fort of Borough Hill. It is one of the largest hill forts in the country. It is said that man has lived and worked on this site for over 5,000 years. (About time he retired!) The Saxons and Vikings appeared to have used the site for burials. Several Viking weapons have been discovered on the site, presumably from burials.

There are number of industrial and warehousing estates in the town. Volvo’s training & Development Centre and Ford's Customer Relationship Centre the Ford Parts Distribution Centre being just two notable ones.

Badby Bluebells
Badby Woods

In the rolling hills of Northamptonshire close to Daventry there are also many picturesque villages. All have their own charms and mysteries and many have wonderful pubs with great restaurants. The bluebell woods of Badby and Everdon should not be missed and Princess Diana’s Island is not far away on the Althorpe estate. The cream teas of Fawlsley Hall just four miles from Daventry must not be missed either. They also do weddings at the historic house, as do many of the local great houses in the countryside around Daventry & District.

Sports are well catered for too. There are clubs for rugby, football, archery, lawn bowls, golf, fishing, sailing, cycling and many others too. There is also a very well appointed Leisure centre with two pools, a gymnasium and squash courts etc. And we have not even mentioned the many fine and beautiful country walks, which are free and will help to keep you fit.

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