New Groups

Suggestions for other new groups are welcome. When enough people are interested in a particular subject they will get together with the Group Co-Ordinator to discuss how to take the new idea forward. You can contact the Group Co-Ordinator via the Contact Page or at the monthly General Meeting.

Current new groups being promoted are:

Discussion Group: It is proposed that this group be restarted. John White would be willing to get the group started. If you are interested please contact the co-ordinator.

Live Music Group: Anyone interested in playing in a live music group to contact the co-ordinator so we could investigate how and where a group could meet.

Film Making Group

Conservation have a planning meeting soon.

Textiles Group: We are at present low on numbers. We are a friendly group that meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month from 2-4pm We each work on our own needlework projects and learn from each other.