Volunteering opportunities inside Dartford u3a

We encourage all our members to participate in the self-help ethos that sustains Dartford u3a – here are a few ways you can volunteer:

Executive Committee Membership: We currently have 10 Committee members in a variety of roles that any individual member can cover for up to 3 years. We rely upon a flow of members coming forward to take up Committee positions, so that these roles are covered and we can maintain our u3a Branch. To learn more about the Executive Committee, even if just to better understand what’s available or the different roles and responsibilities of Committee members, please get in touch via our website (any Committee member will be glad to help).

Group Leaders and Meeting Hosts: Vital to sustaining our Interest Groups, we need Group Leaders and Meeting Hosts. These are not arduous roles and we find most of those taking up these roles seem to enjoy them.

Interest Group Members: Members interested in group membership are key to all the activities listed below and in the appendices. We need members to be interested and participative as part of the Interest Groups at Dartford u3a. Remember you are encouraged to introduce your own interests into groups at Dartford u3a.

Other Volunteering opportunities: Every month there are other opportunities to help Dartford u3a, whether it’s putting out chairs for the main open monthly meeting, helping with the refreshments, being a ‘meeter and greeter’ at the doors of St. Anselm’s for the main open meeting, doing paperwork for one of the Groups, even going round making new members feel welcome during refreshments is a useful bit of volunteer work.

We are a self-help organisation, wholly dependent upon volunteers – and it’s not intended we should be reliant upon the efforts of a few: Please think about volunteering, whether you are a new member or someone who has stuck with us over the years. This is what makes it interesting and involving for every member – and getting the habit of joining in helps sustain the organisation and is much appreciated by us all.

How to Volunteer:

Committee Work: please email any Committee Member listed on the website contact page.
Group Leader or Meeting Host: Speak to the Group’s Coordinator (see below)
Group Work: On any Interest Group matter, please contact Groups’ Coordinator using the contact page.

Help at the monthly meeting: Please volunteer at the preceding open meeting (offer your name as a volunteer at your check in - or email the Secretary (on the contact page) if you are willing to help at the following month’s open meeting.