Local History 1

Have you ever wondered why, together with 20,000 other people, you live over 500 feet up on a hill in the High Weald? So have we. We’re not historians, just curious, enquiring about how this area evolved into what we see around us today.

Everywhere you look there are clues:

Invaders - the Romans, the Normans and recently (nearly) the Germans
Landscape – from dinosaurs to impenetrable forest to heathland
Industry - from the heavy industry of iron and armaments to smuggling
Agriculture - from upland swine pasture, to sheep, oxen, hops, and now fruit and arable farming
Habitation - from tiny local hamlets to health resort to today’s town

The group tries to make sense of it with talks, presentations, local visits and a little research.

We meet on the 4th Thursday of the month, currently in the Guide Hut off Whitehill.

Please come and join us, to understand how you came to be living on top of the Weald.