Family History (Intermediate)

This Group is largely for beginners, although some members are more experienced.

We tend to concentrate on the internet because so much information is available there and it is increasingly difficult to find that information elsewhere. Also if someone does not have a computer he or she can always use those at Crowborough Public Library where there is free access to two major family history subscription sites as well as other free sites.

We are now starting to use laptops at our meetings to demonstrate the techniques of searching for and organising information. This is especially helpful for those who are a little tentative about using a computer. It is not necessary for each member to own a laptop as there are enough to share.
In addition we talk about various information sources and have question and answer sessions to help with individual problems. Occasionally visits are organised to Record Offices and The National Archives.

Obviously everyone is free to explore their family history in their own way, but I hope to persuade them that ultimately it is not just a collection of dates of birth, marriage and death. Putting your ancestors in their historical context and finding out how they lived brings them back to life and gives meaning to your family story.

We meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 10.00 to 12.00. The Group is almost full, but another Beginners Group can be started if someone is prepared to act as Leader. In these circumstances I will be happy to give help and advice if required.