Crouch Valley

August 2019

These are the emails I sent to the Group for August 2019 to give some idea of what we do

Dear Family History Group,
We are meeting next THURSDAY 22nd August at 10 am in the upstairs backroom of the Village Hall. For village hall security reasons we have to lock the outside door when everyone is in.
There will be no presentation so it will be a good opportunity to have a discussion on what your aims are with your family history.

Researching your FH is unique to you and any siblings you may have, it can be personal to you and not the business of any one else. The reason you are a member to the group is the desire to learn about the vast area that FH covers. However, many of us are happy to share our knowledge and even share stories in our FH.
FH is also an interest that can be attended to when your time allows. It is an advantage if you have some plan to organise your research and plan your aims.
Please jot down any comments you might like to share and join in the debate.

We will cover these three points
1 Where are you now in your FH?
2 What are your aims?
3 Do you want any help to achieve those aims? One to One help or a suggestion for a presentation on a FH subject.

If you have any comments or like to add something to this agenda please let me know.
Hope to see you at the meeting. If you are unable to attend and wish to share something on the agenda please let me know.
Kind regards,

Program for the rest of the year
26th September. The ins and outs of DNA tests
24th October Talk by Jan Talikowski
28th November Talk by Diana Quorn
26th December No meeting

Notes from the meeting
Dear Family History Group,
Thank you to the twelve members who were able to make the August meeting. For well over an hour we were all able to share our journeys in Family History and our hopes for future research. Members also gave ideas for future presentations.

Many of us use the software Family Tree Maker, one of the top programs for keeping tabs on your ancestors. FTM can now be synced to Family Search and Ancestry. Some of us do and other don’t like the idea and some like me are a little confused to the benefits of syncing. So we need to have a session on this valuable resource. I will be consulting and putting together a presentation perhaps for the January meeting.

Other proposals for future meeting will be Newspapers. The British Newspaper Archive has continued to grow and can be invaluable. We did have a look at this a while ago but need to review this again in order to get the best out of this archive.
Many members also admit that they should do a better job with keeping their records, bring them up to date. Should they be stored on media or paper? How should they be stored and indexed. Many question to think about on this subject for another meeting.

We have talks lined up for October and November. Next month I am doing a presentation on DNA What tests are there available, what do you have to do, what result can you expect, are some of the questions to answer. We heard from Jim Tidmarsh on the remarkable contact he had and the musical ancestors in America initiated by his DNA. I have been amazed at what a contact gave me from my recent test. If you have had a DNA experience good or bad or a comment let me know by email or bring it to the meeting in September.

Thank you to each one of you for supporting the Group.
King regards,