Crouch Valley

Kew Gardens 2019

Below are a selection of photographs from the visit by the Gardening Group on July 10th to Kew Gardens.

In addition to the normal gardens and buildings there is the exhibition of blown glass sculptures in the grounds and in the various buildings. There are also glass artworks in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery.

There is also a picture of the bear which everyone missed on the visit.

The Bear & Me

Below are some of Glass Artwork in the Gallery

Glass Artwork 01 Glass Artwork 02 -----
Glass Artwork 04 ----- -----

Below are some of the Glass Structures in the Gardens and the Buildings

Glass Structure 01 Glass Structure 02 Glass Structure 03
Glass Structure 04 ----- Glass Structure 06
----- Glass Structure 08 -----

Below are various pictures of the plants and buildings in Kew Gardens

Gardens 01 Gardens 02 Gardens 03
Gardens 04 Gardens 05 -----
Gardens 06 Gardens 07 Gardens 08
Gardens 09 ----- Gardens 11
Gardens 12 ----- Gardens 14
----- Gardens 16