Crouch Valley

Clayhill Vineyard August 2018

The Wine Group visited Clayhill Vineyard on August 10th in Althorne. The vineyard mainly supplies Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes to other Vineyards for bottling.

They do however produce their own Brandy and liquors which the group tasted.

Below are photos of the visit by the group where there was a tasting of a sparkling wine where Dan who owns the vineyard gave talk of how the vineyard has progressed since 2006.

They show the group during the talk, viewing some of the vines plus lunch which included further tastings.

Group Talk 1 Group Talk 2 Group Talk 3
Group Lunch 1 Group Lunch 2 Vineyard Crouch View
Vine Grapes 1 Vine Grapes 2