Crouch Valley

Visit to Crouch Vale Brewery

The No 2 Wine Tasting Group decided to taste something different and learn about the process of brewing. Where better to go than down Haltwistle Road to the Crouch Vale Brewery.
We started off behind the scenes with a tour, our knowledgeable guide Master Brewer Andy taking us through every step of exact science that makes for a good brew. Samples of different Malted Barleys and Hops were shown to us as well as that almost magical ingredient Yeast. Andy described what happens in each of the large vessels as the liquid spends time with each ingredient. We arrived at the point where the beer is ready to be put into the casks, and was shown how much care is put into making sure everything is scrupulously clean.

After answering all our questions, it was now time to taste the product. We retired to Tap Room 19 where Ken the Bar Man took care of us and was ready to answer any further questions on the various beers available.

Our thanks to Andy and Ken for their hospitality in providing us with a very interesting and enjoyable visit.