Crouch Valley

Bar Vino Evening

The group decided for the August get together we would go to Bar Vino in the Town Square. It opened in November last year and has started to do wine tasting evenings earlier this year.

We left the selection of wines to the Paul Lake the owner with a selection of whites, Rose and Reds.

As part of the evening he provided a cheese and meat mixed platter.

The wines tasted were:

Tail Horse Chenin Blanc
Gavi La Baltistina
Victoria Park Chardonnay
JL Quinson Cotes De Provence Rose
LesVignerons Grenache Merlot Rose
Volandas Merlot
Victoria Park Shiraz Viognier
Toro Fuerte Argentian Malbec

The consensus was the ladies preferred the Whites and Rose and the men preferred the Reds.

Overall the group can recommend the Wine Bar to Wine Group 1 or if you wish to have a glass of wine in very pleasant surroundings.

Alongside are pictures of the group in Bar Vino. One of the pictures shows one of the platters provided.