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Detailed below is general information for all Crouch Valley U3A members.

National Open Letter

National have issued an open letter to all members in the UK. Can you please click on the Open Letter To All Members October 2021 link.

Mirthy Broadcasts

We broadcast educational and entertaining online talks by the best public speakers for U3A Clubs and members across the country, today working with over 100 clubs monthly and delivering talks to over 14,000 retirees.

Our talks are viewed from the comfort and safety of your member's own home.

Mirthy broadcasts a FREE talk every Thursday which is open to your members to join (last week we had over 1,000 join us from across the country!). This is a great way for us to raise awareness of our speakers.

You may feel this is a good benefit to share with members to keep them socially active throughout yet another lockdown. Members can register for our free talks here -

Your club can also book from over 100 online talks to be made available for your members at a date and time of your choice. Here is our catalogue -

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Latest Podcast

Please follow Latest U3A Podcast You Tube link from the Association of U3A's

Fraud Update

Please visit our Information page to access the latest notification by Essex Police and follow the link that will direct you to Thorpe Bay U3A website.

Phishing Notice

National have advised members to be aware of Phishing mails that appear to be genuine. Please read Phishing Urgent Notice for more information.

Essex Association Study Days

Information regarding information days will be posted as and hen advised by National.

U3A National Newsletter

Please follow the June 2022 National Newsletter link from National. If you wish to read Newsletters from prior years please follow corresponding links on the right hand side.

U3A Newsletter - Important Information

The U3A Newsletter is now available by e-mail. It means members will have to be added to the 'opt in' list of U3A members. To subscribe please follow the U3A Email Newsletter link and follow the instructions.

In the meantime, booking is now open.

U3A Governance

Please follow Governance Survey link to the Findings and Recommendations of the Working Group into the future structure of the Third Age Trust.

U3A Events Update

The U3A have just published a Research Guide “Getting involved in Research”. It will shortly be available on the National web-site. The guide has been produced in response to a growing interest in research within the U3A movement and aims to encourage U3A members to get involved in research and provides the basic guidelines on developing a research project. There are already a large number of projects in the National Research Database

Latest National U3A Update relating to celebrating reaching 1000 U3A Clubs.

Details now available for the various Knitting & Stitching events across the country. Booking form is available in the Knitting & Stitching 1 link and the locations are shown in Knitting & Stitching 2 link.

U3A Magazine

Details of the latest edition of Sources Magazine from National

National U3A Accounts

The annual National report and accounts. The latest report can be viewed on the National web-site.

Latest National U3A Mailings

U3A Going Forward
U3A Smartscam Investor