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Banking Scam

There are sophisticated scams in circulation. Firstly there are ones directed at u3a so please read Banking Scam issued by National.

Many thanks to all those who have paid their subscription deposit for 2021 - 2022.

Please read the Membership Subscriptions information notice regarding subscriptions for the forthcoming membership year starting in April for 2021 - 2022.

The notice is fairly self explanatory but if you have any questions lease contact Don Wragg.


For full details of the year end accounts and reports please follow the General Information link.

Khan Thornton have examined the accounts for 2018 - 2019. please see 2018 - 2019 Account Approval letter dated 23 April 2019.


Individual Groups should not hold more than £50.00 and any surplus funds should be paid over to the Treasurer for banking into the main U3A account.

Please follow the Group Monies link which will show the funds held in the main bank account which will be updated at regular intervals.

To view the full details of income and expenditure for each group will be displayed on the main Group page.

Group Leaders please advise the Treasurer if there is anything you do not agree with.


Our U3A is covered by the Charities Act as such payments cannot be made to another charity. (Funds have to be used for our Charitable purpose), however, we are allowed to make a one off payment to another charity at the request of a speaker in lieu of their fees.

The Committee and members have decided that donations paid for refreshments at our monthly meetings can be donated to a charity and to comply with the Charity Act rules the monthly collections are paid straight over to the charity and do not pass through our bank account.

A summary of the donations made in the current financial year is shown in the link box identified as Payments To Charities.

Please note at present we have not been able to make any donations this U3A year.

Supporting Charities

At the May 2019 meeting we voted to agree which 4 charities we will support for the forthcoming U3A Year.

Below are a list of those that have been agreed by members to support.

The charities were;

Dementia Adventure
Essex Air Ambulance
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity

Amazon Smile

I am not sure how many of you are users of Amazon, and also how many of you have heard of Amazon Smile.

Amazon support charities via their Amazon Smile platform. It is no different to using Amazon.
When using Amazon Smile it does not cost you anything to use. You buy in the normal way. It supports Prime customers as well.

I received a letter from Amazon Smile as the registered contact for our club from the Charities Commission public website.

I have registered our club and any purchase made the club will receive 0.5% to our charity account from Amazon on a quarterly basis. It does not cost the club any money.

This is a personal choice on your behalf but if you do use Amazon please log on to Amazon Smile and do your purchases from there.

Please read Amazon Smile User Guide on how to do this. Please get your family members involved as well especially as we are coming up to Christmas where most people will be doing on line shopping. Please support the club and this could be a way we in due course support one of our nominated charities.

Stamp Collection

In addition to the above charities our U3A are also collecting stamps. Due to our U3A unable to meet we still need members to collect stamps. During the Xmas & New Year period can you please save all your stamps. Bob Le Beau is coordinating this again for this year. We will advise of collection at a future date.

Letters of Thanks

The latest letters of thanks received are shown in the link box.