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The purpose of this page is to notify all members of information that will be of interest


2nd July

Updated group monies on Treasurer and Groups pages

27th June

Information regarding the walk on June 29th for the walkers group.
June 2022 National Newsletter now on the Secretary page
Update information regarding the BBQ Event on the 7th August.

10th June

Update to the BBQ Event in August

8th June

New Home page photo
Latest update for Walkers
Latest Group income & Expenditure

25th May

Events page is updated with details of future meetings and Social Meeting update.

21st May Secretary & Walkers

May National Newsletter now online
Details of the walk on the 25th now available via Events link

22nd April Various

The Gardening group have now published its programme for 2022. Please follow Events page.
Update information for Ten Pin Bowling group
Draft accounts & Treasurer AGM report now available on Treasurer page

16th April

April National Newsletter now available on Secretary page

4th April Walkers & Home

Information regarding the walk on the 27th April.
Updated Home page photo
Updated Group monies

19th March Secretary

March National Newsletter now available on line.

18th March

New Home page photo

18th March New Group

Information regarding the new Afternoon Rendezvous Group

16th March Walkers

Dates of upcoming walks.

20th February Gardening Group

Details of new Gardening Group Co-Ordinator

18th February Events

Details of our speaker for Tuesdays meeting

15th February General Information

Please read the notice regarding the 2022 AGM. Follow the General Information link

9th February

Please note the February meeting is confirmed for 22nd February. Details to follow.
The new Membership Form is available for 2022 - 2023 to download on the General Information page.
Subs are due to be be paid prior to April 1st.
Updated Home page photo

24th January

January 2022 National Newsletter now available in Secretary
Updated Home page photo

12th January Events

Please read updated information regarding the 25th January meeting by following Events link

11th January

Latest Public Liability insurance document is available on General Information page


29th December

Updated Art Appreciation information.

New Home page photo for the beginning of 2022

18th December Secretary

December national newsletter now online

7th December Events

Dates for the 2022 meetings added to the Events page.

24th November Secretary

November 2021 National Newsletter now on line.

17th November

New Home photo
Update to Book group contact
Family History meet update

19th October Secretary

Please read open letter to all members in the UK from National.

13th October Events

Updated information regarding the dance at the Village hall on November 27th

7th October Walkers Events

Details of upcoming walk on Monday 11th October

4th October Treasurer

Please read small update regarding method of payment of Group monies.

4th October Family History

Please see information regarding Family History meeting for the 28th October. It can also be viewed on Events page.

26th September

Details of walk on the 29th for the Walkers group and September
National Newsletter available on the Secretary page

1st September

New Home page photo and update to Table Tennis & Strollers pages

18th August Secretary

August 2021 National Newsletter now available

17th August Computer Help Group

Updated Computer home page message.

15th August !Gardening|

The Gardening group are planning garden visits in the very near future. If you are interested please contact David Shea. It is open to other groups.

12th August Events

The committee ae pleased to announce the re-instatement of our monthly meetings at Champions Hall. Please visit our Events page to see what is being planned starting with an outside get together on the 3rd September at Compass Gardens.

For information regarding group activities these will be mailed by the respective Group Leader plus updates to the web.

8th August Walkers

Information regarding walk on the 9th August.

6th August Table Tennis & Book Group

Updated contact details for change of group leader for Table Tennis

With regards to the Book Group Joan Martin has stepped down as leader of the group.

19th July Secretary

July National Newsletter now available via Secretary page

9th July

Updated Home page photo and change of contact for Bird Watching group

26th May Event

Please follow Event link to read about our possible first get together.

25th May

Latest National Newsletter available via Secretary page

Updated walking calendar on Events page

Updated Welcome page photo

24th April Secretary

The latest April 2021 Newsletter now available on Secretary page

13th April Events

Can you please read the reminder regarding our AGM on the 29th April.

Also a Social event has been added to the calendar as it relates to the clubs 10th Anniversary.

2nd April

New Home page photo and follow Welcome link to Chairman's Newsletter.

25th March Secretary

Latest National Newsletter for March now on line. Follow Secretary link

23rd March Treasurer

Please read information from National regarding Banking Scams.

15th March Various

Firstly to brighten up lockdown new Home page photo.

Secondly as we start to move forward please read the latest newsletter on the Welcome page explaining the way forward.

We also give notice that we need to hold our 2021 AGM on the 29th April Events. This will be via Zoom but please read the relevant information on the Secretary page of the website.

9th February

Updated Home page photo showing snowy Garden of Remembrance.

9th February General Information

If anyone is interested in art there is an art competition for the over 65's. Please follow the link to the General Information page if you are interested.

4th February General Information

Please follow the General Information link and read the latest guide relating to Vaccine scams that are circulating.

2nd February Home

New Home page photo for February
Update regarding member subscription deposits on Treasurer page

26th January Secretary

Latest January 2021 National Newsletter now on-line

19th January Secretary

If you are interested in listening to free broadcasts given by Mirthy to U3A organisations please follow Secretary link and follow information regarding Mirthy.

10th January Treasurer

The note regarding member subscriptions has been updated to state the Crouch Valley U3A account is classified as a Business account.

7th January Treasurer

It is important you read the latest Membership Subscription information relating to member subs for 2021 - 2022.

1st January

New Home page for the New Year
New link to Fraud Alert Information now available on our General Information page.
A thank you letter from Colin Martin to all members