Crouch Valley

New Strollers Arrangements

To all our Stroller Group members

For those of you who couldn’t attend the monthly U3A meeting at Champions Manor last Tuesday, this email is to keep you abreast of events which affected our Group. Last week at Marsh Farm, the toilets were cordoned off and we were told that the café door that we usually use was going to be locked, virtually telling our strollers that we were not welcome there to just have a drink and use their facilities.

Because of this, together with the fact that the river footpath by Marsh Farm is going to be out of action for 18 weeks while it is being improved, we announced at the meeting that we would now meet at the river car park at 10am on a Tuesday and walk in the opposite direction to end up at Shaw Farm for our drinks, and use of their facilities for those who need them. The walk is about the same length as the previous one to Marsh Farm, but can be made shorter for those who needed to take the short route to Marsh Farm before.

In the meantime, after getting in touch with the Town Council, the Focus and Marsh Farm to state our objections about what is going on at Marsh Farm, we have now been told by them that we can still get a drink and use the facilities at Marsh Farm, provided that we ask permission at Reception!!

So, when the river footpath is finished, we may decide to return to our previous arrangements but, at least for the month of August, we will continue to meet at the river car park (past Marsh Farm, next to the Sailing Club and opposite the swans) at 10am and walk in the opposite direction, ending up at Shaw Farm.

This morning, with the rain being quite heavy, eight of us went to Tropical Wings café for a drink and a chat and so we have decided to go straight to Tropical Wings for a social get together on subsequent Tuesdays if it is pouring with rain.

We hope that you will continue to come along for the walk and the chats. We have been going now for just over two years and have a lovely, friendly group, which we really hope will continue.

With kind regards.

Pat Fayers and Joan Plaster
New Group Contact and Assistant Group Contact