Crouch Valley



Covid 19 Update

Please read the following Covid Advise Interest Groups from National. It is important to understand the new rules regarding the latest guidelines / law from the Government.

General Group Information

Once we are back to some form of normality following the latest Covid lockdown information on how groups are able to meet will be displayed below. The information below is currently not applicable.

Listed below are our interest groups and the name of the contact for the group. Most meet monthly and the usual meeting time is shown on the timetable linked to this page, Bowling, Table Tennis and the Strollers group meet weekly. Interest groups are self financing, but we aim to keep the costs as low as possible.

We welcome suggestions for new groups so if you have a special interest not represented here we will be delighted to offer help in setting up a group to pursue your interest. Please contact our Group Coordinator for further information via the contact page.

Group Finances

The summary of current group balances are shown in the Treasurer page but for a detailed view of income and expenditure please follow the links to date Detailed Group Income and Detailed Group Expense.

Group Leaders General Information

Please note all groups who meet at the village hall are aware of the Fire Alarm Procedure. Follow General Information link to view document.

If groups have to amend or cancel meeting dates please could you give the Village Hall at least 2 months notice.

Where bookings are required by a Group Leader it is recommended where possible to make booking as Crouch Valley U3A. If for any reason there is an issue, injury etc then any claim made could be covered under the U3A general insurance policy.

Can each Group Leader ensure there is an emergency contact number for each member within your group in case of any emergency.

Group Leaders Guidelines

Group Leaders are requested where possible to follow guidelines below;

1.Group leaders when addressing the members should also use the microphone as this has two benefits

2.The hall is equipped with an “Audio induction loop” This helps those who wear hearing aids hear more clearly when the hearing aids are switch to the “T” position

Group leaders will collect Contact names and telephone numbers from members of their group to be used in cases of emergency.

To help there are 2 forms that can be downloaded. They are;

Attendance Record Form
Accident Record Form

Group Leader Mail Guideline

When Group Leaders are communicating to their group members by e-mail it is recommended that you send the mail to yourself and the members using the bcc functionality.

Cluster Group

If Group Leaders would like to join other groups within our district please read the information on the Maldon & District Cluster Group page.

Group List
Art Appreciation
 John Acklaw
 John AcklawBird Watching & Wildlife Group
 John Gable
 John Gable
Book Group
 Astrid Reeves
 Astrid ReevesComputer Help Group
 Richard Bradshaw
 Richard Bradshaw
Cricket Lovers
 Ray Burns
 Ray BurnsFamily History
 Colin Martin
 Colin Martin
Games Group
 Julie Ferris
 Julie FerrisGardening
 Sue Jacobs
 Sue Jacobs
Going Out Group
 Ray Burns
 Ray BurnsJazz Appreciation
 Ray Burns
 Ray Burns
Knit & Natter
 Brenda Neale
 Brenda NealeLocal History
 To Be Advised
 To Be Advised
Maldon & Dist Cluster Group
 Don Wragg
 Don WraggPlay Reading
 Linda Thomas
 Linda Thomas
 June Saunders
 June SaundersTable Tennis
 June Saunders
 June Saunders
Ten Pin Bowling
 Joyce Sach
 Joyce SachWalkers
 Lesley Dearing
 Lesley Dearing
Water Colour Painting
 Carol Laker
 Carol LakerWeekenders
 Pat Offord
 Pat Offord
Wine Appreciation #1
 Andy Hull
 Andy HullWine Appreciation #2
 Sue Jacobs
 Sue Jacobs