Crossways & Villages

Welcome to Crossways and Villages u3a

Crossways and Villages u3a provides a co-operative learning organisation where we learn from each other.
Above all, we want to offer new challenges, new friends and lots of FUN!
Annual subscription is just £20 a year.
Membership to Crossways and Villages u3a opens up a number of interest groups and activities plus a
monthly meeting with a brilliant speaker, copies of u3a’s regular lifestyle magazines and much, much more.

Crossways and Villages u3a was formed in May 2015 is known as “The Friendly u3a’.
Our members drawn from Crossways and local Villages, Bovington, Broadmayne, Dorchester, Frampton, Higher Woodsford, Milborne St Andrew, Moreton, Osmington Mills, Owermoigne, Sutton Poyntz, Tadnoll, Wareham, West Stafford, Weymouth and Wool. We welcome members from all the Villages in the area..

We are justifiably proud of our growing and energetic membership. We have enthusiastic walkers, board
gamers, artists, gardeners, poets and social people. A full list of all our activities can be found under Groups on the website.

New members are welcomed and may attend one or two meetings as visitors before deciding whether to
join. Go to Membership above for further details.
We believe that the social side of our u3a is important. While learning is a worthy aim, just as vital is the interaction between the group members. It’s all about friendship and support.

Our monthly meeting takes place in Crossways Youth and Community Centre on the second Wednesday of
the month at 10 am. After notices and announcements, we have an interesting speaker each month.
Interest groups are run by members for members, who share their interest and skills in a friendly informal
way. You do not have to be an expert. Since we learn for the pleasure of learning no qualifications are required
and none given.

Like all u3a's we have a Committee to guide policy and involve themselves in the day to day running of the
organisation, but the real backbone of Crossways and Villages u3a are the Group Leaders. These are the
people who make our u3a what it is.

The Committee Members and their roles can be viewed here WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO.

So Join Now and Get Involved!
To apply, simply click on the Membership Form under Links to download it. Complete the form and send it,
either with your cheque made payable to Crossways and Villages u3a or indicate that you have made a bank
transfer, to the address found on the form.