Crossways & Villages

Welcome to Crossways and Villages U3A

Crossways and Villages U3A was formed in May 2015 is known as “The Friendly U3A’
Our members drawn from Crossways and local Villages, Moreton, Owermoigne, Bovingdon, Wool, Broadmayne, Crossways, Dorchester, Weymouth and Tadnoll. We welcome members from all the Villages in the area.
As U3A's go, we are small but growing steadily. We have over 60 members belonging to 10 groups; but we are very friendly and, with our size it is possible to know everyone in the group.

Why not fill your time with learning new skills and making new friends?
Crossways and Villages U3A is in an area where many people from other parts of the country choose to retire and, consequently, has many clubs and societies catering for the more mature and experienced.
We are justifiably proud of our growing and energetic membership. We have enthusiastic walkers, board gamers, artists, gardeners, poets and social bods. A full list of all our activities is elsewhere on the website.

Interest Groups - something for everyone

New members are welcomed and may attend one or two meetings as visitors before deciding whether to join. Go to Membership above for further details.
We believe that the social side of our U3A is important. While learning is a worthy aim, just as vital is the interaction between the group members. It’s all about friendship and support.
U3A is a 'get involved and share your interests, enthusiasm & skills' type of organization.

How our U3A works

Our monthly meeting takes place in Crossways Youth and Community Centre on the second Wednesday of the month at 10 am. After notices and announcements, we have an interesting speaker each month.
Interest groups are run by members for members, who share their interest and skills in a friendly informal way. You do not have to be an expert. Since we learn for the pleasure of learning no qualifications are required and none given.

Like all U3As we have a Committee to guide policy and involve themselves in the day to day running of the organization, but the real backbone of Crossways and Villages U3A is the Group Leaders. These are the people who make our U3A what it is.

For people who would quite like to join, but are a trifle worried about signing up for something that has ‘University’ in the title, - The name can be misleading. We are not remotely like university students. We don’t sit exams. We are a group of people who no longer go out to work on a full-time basis, we have raised our families and we are now making the most of our Third Age. There is no stress involved, no competition, no targets to meet or appraisals to attend -yippee!!!
Crossways and Villages U3A is all about friendship, keeping active in body and mind, and enjoying our leisure hours in ways that our parents would have envied.
Please spend a few minutes browsing through our website. It could be a life-changing experience. Do come along for a warm welcome.

  • The first age is childhood The second age is responsibilities BUT THE THIRD AGE IS FREEDOM!!!