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Useful Sites to maintain interest and Avoid Boredom

Whilst the Government is advising us to minimise social contact, and our General Meetings and Interest Group meetings and Activies are suspended, the Witney U3A Committee are keen to maintain interest and learning opportunities for those at home. We are therefore providing the following list of websites that can be useful in this respect.

If you have suggestions for further sites that could be useful or have other ideas on how members can maintain interest and interact with each other during the outbreak, please contact any member of the Committee using the Contacts page of this website

Virtual U3A ( Virtual U3A, lots of “virtual” interest groups, activities & discussions.

Open University ( Open University short courses on a range of subjects including science, the arts, history, languages etc..

Futurelearn ( similar to Open University but from a range of Universities nationally & internationally. Free

TED Short Talks ( non-profit organisation offering short talks on a range of subjects from science to business to global issues.

Duolingo ( fun language learning site for all ages.

Youtube ( great for exercise videos to keep you moving. Just search for yoga, tai chi, seniors’ exercise or whatever you fancy.#

BBC Sounds BBC Sounds to listen again to any BBC radio programme, podcast, audiobooks etc. Free.

WhatsApp fast, simple, messaging and calling for free, available on phones all over the world. See How to Make a Call on

WhatsApp (

Whypay ( free conference call software which allows three or more people speaking on the phone together at the same time. Good for people who don’t have internet access or aren’t confident using it

Skype ( Online system for audio & video calls, to individuals & for group calls. Useful for setting up Interest Group meetings?

A National U3A Facebook page entiltled 'U3A - Keeping in Touch' has been created to help U3A members to stay in contact with each other and also a place to share ideas U3As are using to maintain learning and interests and to keep in touch. To join this group go to U3A - Keeping in Touch ( You will need to have or create a Facebook account to join.

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