Local Attractions

Crosby Hall Educational Trust
A charming and vibrant local resource; set in the old farm on the Crosby Hall Estate. The main purpose of this venue is to provide outdoor education for children from around Merseyside. However they do provide a series of events for local people of all ages. Our April workshop, Shakespeare outdoors in the Summer, Autumn Art Fair, Various coffee mornings and Summer opening of the Gardens. Various craft workshops have facilites at CHET. Check out the events on the site not to miss anything.
Moss House Cottage Plants
Small Birkdale Nursery offering unusual and often fogotten variety suitable for every garden.
National Trust
Nearby properties include Speke Hall, Beatles Houses, Rufford Old Hall, Mr Hardmans House and Formby Pine Woods.
Old Christ Church Waterloo
Unsung but Brilliant Community Resource with a Great deal going on. This venue holds Regular Farmer's Markets, Sale Days for Charity Groups, Beer Festival, Model Railway Show and A Titanic Centenary event. Check out their Calendar as not all details can be included on our site.
St Faiths Great Crosby
One of several local parish churches with a great deal going on. Their website is well worth a visit.
St. James Cemetery
Heritage Site by the Anglican Cathedral. This cemetery was extensively used from the early's 1800's until the 1920's. It is now a pleasant park with a fascinating history.
The Atkinson
Southport's recently refurbished Arts Centre is well worth checking next time you go to Southport. There is an excellent craft bakery, theatre, art gallery and library.

There is an ongoing and ecer changing list of events so alwayssomething different every visit.
Williamsons Tunnels
In the early part of the nineteenth century Joseph Williamson, employed 100's of otherwise unemployed Liverpool men excavating a warren of tunnels. A sort of underground folly and now it is a monument to one of Liverpool's great eccentrics.