Crediton & District

Tiverton, Cullompton & Plymtree

Visit to Tiverton, Cullompton & Plymtree churches

24th November, 2016

Eight members of the group met in St Peter’s, Tiverton where we were welcomed with a cup of coffee by churchwarden Bill Zarrett. Bill went on to relate the history of this lovely church and to describe its furnishings. Its outstanding features are the early C16th Greenway chapel and the entrance porch with magnificent carved stonework.

We moved on to St Andrew’s church in Cullompton, where the parish secretary had left guides for us to do our own tour. There are many interesting features in the church. The wooden Golgotha, which formed the base of the medieval rood, is a unique survival.
The screen is outstanding and the C16th lane aisle is magnificent.

An excellent lunch was taken in the Merry Harriers pub on the outskirts of the town and from there we made our way to our final destination, St John the Baptist church, Plymtree, where we were greeted by churchwarden Alan Barnett.

Alan and a fellow churchwarden gave us an introduction to the history of their church (which dates from late Saxon times) then gave us a tour of the outstanding features and furnishings. Almost everything in the church is outstanding, particularly the C15th rood screen with its individual paintings of saints.

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