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+++++++ Coronavirus +++++++++++

Current restrictions in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak are bound to have a huge effect on us all. The most important aim is to safeguard everyone - particularly U3A members as they mostly fall into the 'high risk' category.

A second very important aim, however, is to support members who suddenly find themselves isolated, anxious and lonely. If you know of any member who finds themselves in a particularly isolated condition then please let us know. If their isolation is of a technical nature - eg no computer or no know-how - then let us know about that too.


News update

New Events

Crediton Museum reopens this Thursday with our Christmas exhibition. We are open late this Saturday afternoon and evening for the Christmas in Crediton Superheroes event. We opened at half term and received really positive comments so come along and get into the festive spirit. There is lots to see and find out. “How did the puritans influence the size of mince pies and what is ‘ashen faggot’ “.
Just a few facts you can impress friends and family with over the Christmas meal! There is a quiz and scavenger hunt for the children as well as the chance to see how Christmas was celebrated in Victorian times.
Admission is free although donations are welcome as we rely on them to keep going, especially as we’ve had to pay rent throughout the pandemic.



All some groups continue to operate via Zoom however some have re-started, for information on groups you are interested in please visit their group page for up to date information. Please contact your group leader for advice concerning group activity during the Coronavirus restrictions.

Other interests
We need people to organise new groups for painting, films / cinema visits, gardening / garden visits, ukelele for beginners, Italian for beginners, singing for pleasure (not a choir), using computers and clearing plastic from beaches. You don't need to be an expert, just enthusiastic. Please let Liz Ouldridge, Groups Coordinator, know if any of these appeal to you and also let Liz know if you have suggestions for other interest groups or could help with organising a group.



Check the Group page for more details of other outings that are run by individual Third Age groups. For example, The Churches and Historical Buildings group runs regular outings.

Please contact the relevant Group Organiser if you would like to take part.




Scam Alert from U3A

The Third Age Trust wants to share with you information about the latest scams. Below are two experiences from u3a members who contacted us to share with other u3as.

A u3a member got in touch with us to tell us she had received a phishing email supposedly from Norton, an anti virus software company, about payment to renew an account she does not have. It says that they will deduct over £220 unless she cancels within 48 hours. If you receive an email like this, please don’t click on the links and please take independent advice before paying any unexpected requests for money.

A u3a member got in touch to tell us about a company who had taken extra money out of her bank account without her knowledge. The company involved specialises in products aimed at older adults. She contacted the bank who stopped any further charges on the card from the company and gave advice on what to do next, eventually the company paid back the money.

Members are encouraged to check their bank accounts regularly and immediately report any suspicious debits that they do not recognise. Most banks are able to put a stop to any charges and give advice on how to get refunds where appropriate.

Another good practice is to search for reviews and credit ratings before buying from a new company.

For support, tips and advice please go to Barclays Digital Wings initiative.

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