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+++++++ Coronavirus +++++++++++

Current restrictions in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak are bound to have a huge effect on us all. The most important aim is to safeguard everyone - particularly U3A members as they mostly fall into the 'high risk' category. A second very important aim, however, is to support members who suddenly find themselves isolated, anxious and lonely.

In relation to the first aim - physical protection, it would be inappropriate for indoor-based groups to carry on meeting for the time being. Outdoor groups, under strict conditions, might be able to continue. Please contact your group leader to find out more information.

In relation to the second aim - support, we hope that we may be able to find ways that some groups can continue to operate in a 'virtual' way, using technology to keep members in touch with each other. More on this soon.

Meanwhile, various appropriate self-help groups are on offer and you can view them by clicking on the links on the right-hand side of the welcome page:
mutual aid groups (, and social media groups available on 'nextdoor'( and Facebook(

Why not try learning or enjoying something new?

Everything from Learn a Language to Listen to Berlin Philharmonic, Audio Books to Games, Meditation to Soothing Sounds!

From art works to the Pyramids

And a spot of exercise as well



Re-arranged trips to Lanhydrock & Eden Project, and Tintagel & Boscastle.

Most of you will know that a group was planning to travel to Cornwall by coach this May, to spend a night in the Lanhydrock Hotel and visit Lanhydrock House and the Eden Project.

For obvious reasons we had to abandon the trip, but are now planning to go on May 5th & 6th of next year. The hotel has said that they have the capacity to take more guests, so we are inviting up to 10 more members to join us.

We’ve talked to Powells, the Lapford coach company who tell us that A they are still operating & B they’d like to take us. By next May they would hope that coach seating could be used in the normal way.

The hotel has said that they will offer us accommodation on the following basis: Single rooms are available at £130 per person; Twin & Double rooms £95 per person. The cost for both room types includes dinner & breakfast. The hotel need a returnable deposit of £50 'up front’, the balance to be paid in April 2021

Hopefully the National Trust & the Eden Project should be operating normally by next May. Entrance cost to Lanhydrock House was C£15 in 2020 and that to the Eden Project was £13 (both sums were for members of tour parties). If you are a member of either the NT or the Eden Project you won’t have to pay an admission charge at the relevant venue.

We also plan to run another trip to Tintagel & Boscastle sometime in 2021 (date to be arranged). The cost of this will be £8.50 – £10.00 (depending on numbers going). Because U3A members don’t pay to enter English Heritage properties, the cost includes admission to Tintagel Castle (& the new bridge).

Please let me know if you'd like to join us.

If you need any more information please phone me on 773940 or e-mail me on

Keith Barker



All normal group activities have been suspended. Please contact your group leader for advice concerning group activity during the Coronavirus restrictions.

petanque Petanque

Anyone for petanque? Quelqu'un pour la petanque? One of our members is looking to set up a petanque group. Register your interest at the next Wednesday morning open meeting.

Other interests
We need people to organise new groups for painting, films / cinema visits, gardening / garden visits, musicians group for beginners, Italian for beginners, singing for pleasure (not a choir), using computers and clearing plastic from beaches. You don't need to be an expert, just enthusiastic. Please let Chris Freeman, Groups Coordinator, know if any of these appeal to you and also let Chris know if you have suggestions for other interest groups or could help with organising a group.



Check the Group page for more details of other outings that are run by individual Third Age groups.For example, The Churches and Historical Buildings group runs regular outings.

Please contact the relevant Group Organiser if you would like to take part.



Online research - volunteers required

Ronald Zammit, PhD student from the University of Southampton, is investigating how different types of mind-focusing techniques impact on how people aged 65 years and over think and feel about their bodies. He is looking for volunteers to fill in online questionnaires. Anyone interested please go to the Research opportunities page (via SiteMap button) and click the link Mind-focusing practices.

See Around Britain

See Around Britain is a registered charity which has set up a website ( to provide photographic and written information about a variety of UK public venues, including a brief description, contact details and transport and accessibility information so that potential visitors can tell whether or not a venue is suitable for their particular needs.

The charity currently has a number of volunteering opportunities that might be of interest to U3A members. In particular, they are looking for volunteers to write venue descriptions of venues and/or to submit photos or videos of new venues. All of this can be done from home and online via the website. (There are online video tutorials available to help volunteers, but See Around Britain can also provide support via email if needed.)

If you feel this would be of interest, See Around Britain would like to hear from you. Contact Cara Crockett ( and/or visit Alternatively, you can register your interest at



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