Out & About 5

So, how is ours different from the other Out & About Groups? Whilst there are many similarities such as undertaking a visit roughly once a month, we do try, by not following the standard path!

Yes, we do go to museums, stately homes and gardens but we also like to mix it up with some quirky, eccentric and sometimes, just plain odd places!

See our O&A5 Programme for a list of planned trips in 2020.

The City at Christmas Adventures from Out and About Group 5

OA5-Xmas 1 OA5 Xmas 2 OA5 Xmas 3 OA5 Xmas 4
OA5 Xmas 5 OA5 Xmas 6 OA5 Xmas 7 OA5 Xmas 8
OA5 Xmas 9 OA5 Xmas 10 OA5 Xmas 11 OA5 Xmas 12
OA5 Xmas 13 OA5 Xmas 14 OA5 Xmas 15 OA5 Xmas 16

More pictures from our previous visits.

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