u3a Day

National u3a Day - 2nd June 2021

The u3a movement is embracing the opportunity to celebrate all that u3a stands for and raise awareness of our activity and learning with the first National u3a day on Wednesday 2nd June 2021.

The day is set to celebrate the new experiences that come from being in your third age and to raise our profile nationally as well as locally.

The annual event, which will take place in Volunteer Week on the first Wednesday in June, will show the amazing and diverse things that our members get up to and challenge preconceptions of what being an older adult means. The 2021 event will be enhanced nationally by the multitude of projects, activities, outcomes and new approaches to communication that have emerged as a consequence of the 2020 Pandemic Lockdown period, as we have all learned new skills, and new ways of communicating and engaging with members.

The u3a Head Office has more information on their site:
National u3a Day

There is also a closed u3a day Facebook with more information:
Facebook u3a Day

It is also recommended that as many individual members sign up to the national online newsletter to receive regular updates:
u3a Newsletter

Plans for Crawley u3a

The roadmap for leaving lockdown has provided us with the opportunity to plan an outdoor event, probably in the town centre on Wednesday 2nd June.

Planning is in the early stages but we hope to showcase many of our groups and attract more interest in Crawley u3a.

If you can help us in any way please contact the Communications Officer via the Contact page.

Keep checking back to this page for updates.

Let’s look forward to a time to celebrate the wonderful organisation that is u3a!

Thank you for your support.