Monthly Meetings

All of our members are welcome to attend the Monthly Meetings held on the second Friday of every month except August at the Friary Hall, Crawley Town Centre at 2.30pm. The meetings are free to attend.

Occasionally the meetings are relocated if the Friary is not available but notice is given and the details are included on our web site.

The meetings are very informal and include a news update from the Chair, information on the U3A locally and nationally, a guest speaker, then tea or coffee and a chat!

Speakers this year have included:

Age UK - Our first monthly meeting

Katy Bourne – Sussex Police Commissioner

Caroline Haslett – Pioneer for Women in electrical engineering

Derrick Hughes – A former Headteacher and proficient musician

Neil Sadler – A policeman’s lot can be an interesting one

Chris Cowell - Life in Japan

Andy Thompson - World War 1

Please click on the name of the speaker for a summary of the talk.

Coffee mornings

These are held twice a year and are a social occasion for members to get together to chat! There is no formal structure. Refreshments are provided. There is a raffle (all prizes are provided) and a book sale. Outside organisations may attend with displays, advice and occasional demonstrations. Non members who plan to join the U3A are also welcome to attend. There is no charge for these events.

Seasonal Outings

These are held three times a year, Spring, Summer and Autumn and involve a coach trip with official guides to different places of interest. They are available to all members of Crawley U3A. The cost depends on the venue.

Study Days and Summer Schools

The Sussex U3A Network - SUN - provides a variety of Study Days. The programme of study days covers a wide range of topics, including the arts, humanities, science and current affairs. These popular events are intended to enrich our members’ knowledge of the topics covered. Study day tutors are usually professionals in their field. The cost is now £8 for U3A members & £10 for all other applicants.
For a list of Study days please visit: Sussex U3A Network

The Crawley SUN representative, Maggie Berrill is able to help put members attending meetings in touch with other local members to share transport. Please contact Maggie on 01293 515271,

There is an annual residential Summer School at Chichester University. More details can be found on the SE Forum Website: U3A South East Forum

Dates for your Diary
Fri Dec 13th The Friary, Crawley - 2.30pm
Christmas Party
Fri Jan 10th 2020 The Friary - 2.30pm
Canine Partners
Fri Feb 14th 2020 The Friary - 2.30pm
National Arboretum
Fri Mar 13th 2020 The Friary - 2.30pm
Speaker: Bill Avenell on 'What's in a View'
Fri May 8th 2020 The Friary - 2.30pm
Speaker: Jim Buttress on Central royal Parks
Fri Jun 12th 2020 The Friary - 2.30pm
Speaker: Isabella Tree on 'Wilding' Knepps park
Fri Jul 10th 2020 TBA
Fri Sep 11th 2020 The Friary - 2.30pm
Open meeting
Fri Oct 9th 2020 TBA
Fri Nov 13th 2020 The Friary - 2.30pm
Fri Dec 11th 2020 The Friary - 2.30pm
Christmas Event
Fri Jan 15th 2021 The Friary - 2.30pm
Speaker Lady Crabtree on the Dowager Entertains