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Important Message about Outings

The planned outings to the Victoria and Albert Museum/Day Out in London, Tina – the Tina Turner Musical, Eltham Palace and the Kentish Lady boat trip have all been cancelled and everyone who was booked on them has been notified by email or telephone. For three of the outings, the cancellation has been done with only a small cost for cancelling the coaches which the U3A Outings Club will pay for. All of the cheques received for these three outings have been shredded.
The exception is the Tina outing. We paid for the theatre tickets some time ago and are now in discussion about whether or not we will get a refund. The people booked on this outing will be notified by email or telephone when we know the situation.

We will not be planning any further outings until we can see the end of this coronavirus crisis in sight. We may have a long wait!

End of Message

When we are back up and running, we will continue with arranging our many informative and social activities throughout the year which are enjoyed by members including lunches, outings, walks and talks on diverse topics.

In addition to the events and outings organised by Cranleigh U3A there are lectures, study days, summer schools and other activities organised on a regional and national basis - these events are open to all our U3A members.
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