Cranleigh & District

How to contact us

All activities are planned and co-ordinated by an Executive Committee currently comprising:

Chair Veronica Barnard
SecretaryDot Mariner
TreasurerMartin Hayton
Membership SecretaryBarbara White
Group Leader CoordinatorAngela Hardman
Newsletter EditorBrian Allen
Committee MemberPaul Arrowsmith
Committee MemberRobin Chapman
Accessibility Officer

To send a message to a Member of the Committee use the system below,

▪️to enquire about joining Cranleigh and District u3a contact the Membership Secretary.
▪️for enquiries about subscriptions and other payments contact the Treasurer.
▪️to find out more about a particular group or to join a group contact the Group Leader Coordinator.
▪️select General Enquiry from the list below if you are not sure who to contact and it will be directed to the person best placed to answer your query.
▪️for all matters concerning the Cranleigh and District u3a website send to the Site Administrator.

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