If you need to contact a member of the committee, please choose from the list below.

Chairperson:Sue Beavis
Vice-Chairperson:Bill Owen
Secretary:Caroline Taylor
Treasurer:Clive Parson
Groups Co-ordinator:Laureen Rodwell
Hospitality Secretary:Biddy Danin
Membership Secretary:Kathy Bell
Speakers' Secretary:Teresa Young

or you can email

The Committee plays an active part in helping to run the U3A. From time to time committee members must step down and new volunteers are needed to take their place. As you will see from above, Jean Brigg, John Taylor and Ani Martin have stepped down and been replaced (using a casual vacancy clause in our constitution which enables new Officers to be appointed when an AGM cannot take place). We would like to take the opportunity to thank Jean, John and Ani for their sterling work during the past few years (Jean and John in particular have been officers of the Committee since the inception of our U3A in 2015) and to welcome Sue, Clive and Kathy in their place.

All members of the U3A are obliged to offer their help in whatever way they can. This coming year we will need someone to take over responsibility for updating the Website and to help with Publicity and Editorial input. We are also looking for a Social Secretary who can take charge of organising outings and social events. Without your commitment to help our U3A will cease to operate - VOLUNTEER NOW!

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