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Welcome to Cramlington and District U3A
The U3A is an organisation that brings together retired and semi-retired men and women who want to learn from one another and share experiences, knowledge, philosophies, values and ideas in a friendly and informal setting.
The inaugural meeting took place on the 13th April 2018 with many of the 70 attendees becoming members and showing great interest in the variety of volunteer led groups which are now on offer. (click on groups)
Steeped in a great history of mining Cramlington, which today is a thriving town and civil parish in South East Northumberland, has records that date back to 1135. In 1964 it was proclaimed a “New Town” after an explosion of new housing. There are good transport links into the town centre from surrounding areas such as Blyth, Annitsford, Dudley and Seaton Delaval from where a great deal of interest in our U3A has been shown.
For an opportunity to find out more and meet with our members come along to one of the friendly monthly meetings which are held on the 2nd Friday of the month at 10.30am till 12.30am. in the Benedictine Catholic Social Centre, Glenluce Drive, Cramlington. NE23 6YA.(click on events)
If you have further queries, then please click on our contact page where you can mail directly.

Chair Report for 2019

Final Report from the outgoing Chair of Cramlington and District U3A Steering Group

1st AGM 12th April 2019
When I retired 9 years ago I had lots to keep me occupied but what did I really want? Time with my family and time to enjoy myself without the pressures that work brought.
I soon found that not working was quite a lonely life, many of my friends were still working and there is only so much coffee you can drink. I decided to explore my options. That is when I found the U3A. Morpeth was full as was Whitley Bay. Ashington was another world to me but after a brief phone call I decided to go along to a monthly meeting to see what it was all about.
You could say that this was when my retirement really started. Like anything new I threw myself into it joining the writing group, the reading group, Bridge, the lunch club, ten pin bowling, play reading, culture group and outings. In the true spirit of the U3A I even started a Culinary Capers group and took over the writing group when the leader stepped down. I was even a member of the regional committee at one stage.
U3A had become part of my life so it came as no surprise that I found myself press-ganged (sorry I mean Volunteered) into being part of the proposed Cramlington U3A along with a couple of others from Cramlington that attended Ashington.
The interest astounded everyone, about 40 people turned up at each of the interest meetings held at the Beefeater. However, it was only a handful who stayed behind to volunteer to try and get things going. A meeting was arranged at my house with a view to setting up a steering group. Everyone who turned up took on a role and the hard work started. A steering group was formed and with the support of our Regional Volunteers Peter and Pam Cramlington and District U3A was formed. The 1001st U3A in the country.
The inaugural meeting took place in April 2018 and we didn’t know how many to expect. We had booked Concordia but we were bursting at the seams. The next month more people turned up which meant we had to find new premises. The Masonic Hall came to the rescue and that is where we have spent the last year. Every month our numbers grew until once again we have had to find new premises, so welcome to our new home here at the ‘Bennie’.
Our treasurer and membership Secretary have worked tirelessly to keep everything correctly recorded and up to date and our committee members Marie, Christine, Izzy, Anne and Hazel have regularly contributed their ideas and support. Without our monthly volunteers who help set up and clear away, who make tea and coffee, who run the raffle etc. our monthly meetings wouldn’t happen, so a big thank you to them.
We have had a wide range of speakers over the year from authors to historians. Most have been enjoyable and hopefully there has been something for everyone to enjoy. They aren’t easy to find. A thank you to Wendy and Lorraine who have taken this task over from me.
We now have 15 established interest groups, so thanks must go to everyone who runs them and to Roger who oversees them all and whips (encourages) them into action.
A great big thank you has to go to Brenda and Her husband Herby who spend ages developing and keeping the web site up to date.
We have come such a long way in such a short time but without our members there wouldn’t be a Cramlington and District U3A. so thank you to you all. I hope I haven’t missed anyone out. If I have I apologise.
I feel proud of what we all have achieved and we can only go from strength to strength. I am sure the new committee will have lots of ideas for the future and I wish them all the luck in the world.
Maggie Mitford
Outgoing Chair of Steering Group (2018 -2019)



April 2019 - March 2020 - £15.50 PER PERSON
People wishing to join for remainder of current year - October 2019- March 2020. £9.50 per person.
Application forms can be downloaded from the Link on the Right Side of this screen.

Please complete both sides and submit along with Cash/Cheque (payable to Cramlington and District U3A) at our Monthly Meeting which is held on the 2nd Friday in the month at The Benedictine Catholic Social Centre, Glenluce Drive, Cramlington NE23 6YA.


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Committee 2019

Chairperson - Carol Chappell
Vice Chair - Peter Chritchard
General Secretary - Penny Lawson
Treasurer - Brenda Munoz-Saiz
Membership Secretary - Brenda Blacklock
Groups Co-Ordinator - Roger Chappell

Committee Members
Brenda Tonks
Ross Davison
Izzy Ferguson
Anne Jones