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There's not a lot of good news these days, however pandemics create extremes.

So somewhere there's a silver lining.

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This is where you can find the Good News!

  • Miracles do happen! No chance Mal from Cardiff beat the odds. Mal Martin a civil servant who has diabetes and suffered a heart attack four years ago, had a tracheotomy to allow him to survive on a ventilator for 61 days. He caught pneumonia for a third time and had to stay in ICU for 80 days. Surprise, surprise, he has returned home to his delighted family!. [Courtesy Daily Mail]


Be Good, please!
  • It makes more sense! I've just got tired of staying alert.
  • Do you like Good News? Then help make some! Send your [online] resources to Contact [Calendar Events], and they will appear on Info after our top notch editors have reviewed them, they will publish your ideas to other members!
  • According to the UK's U3A sites managers, our Cowbridge Covid-19 site is in May's most popular UK sites. If you added our sub Covid sites, like the Good News Zone, to the total visits we would be in the top 5.
  • Getting a grip:-

1) Make sure our immune systems are up to fighting the Covid-19 by insuring we have the correct daily dose of vitamin D? BBC News. Yes, it's a hormone that gets into all of ones body.[Courtesy BBC]

2) The medical profession have now found a tool (Dexamethasone) to reduce the very high death rates caused by the immune [Cytokine] storm. Not a cure, but at least a treatment that really helps. [Courtesy BBC]

  • The R (how fast Covid-19 is ‚Äčreproducing) rate in Wales is down from 0.8 to 0.7! [Courtesy BBC Wales TODAY] For More info on R click R0 is a variable.
  • Some jolly good lyrics from Cowbridge U3A include Yesterday Once More and these Great Lyrics are a Covid version of 'Days'. As you may have guessed, it's a reworking of The Beatles Yesterday as well as The Kinks Classic.
  • A vital clue has been found by scientists from the Francis Crick Institute & King's College London working with Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals. Blood analysis of seriously ill patients has found abnormally low levels of certain T cells that are a vital part of the human immune system. The scientists are extremely encouraged with this discovery as there are existing drugs that boost T cells. They hope the discovery will provide a treatment for the most seriously ill.
  • There's not a lot to smile about Covid-19, but this is certainly one! A Sound of Music. Enjoy!
  • Lloyds closure deferred! The permanent closure of Cowbridge branch has been postponed and it will remain open where possible to "support you through this difficult time". An explanation from Lloyds Bank gave its reasons why it was closing your Cowbridge branch.
  • Reuters report that a llama called Winter [I kid you not!] could prove useful in the hunt for a treatment for COVID-19, according to U.S. and Belgian scientists who have identified a tiny particle that appears to block the new coronavirus. Apparently llama's have been used to find a treatment for 2 other coronaviruses, SARS & MERS.
  • The increases of deaths in Celtic countries are now bumping around 0 & 10. You can see a graph of reducing numbers with Wales, Scotland and N.Ireland trends on the right. However constantly dropping figures are not expected, but the trend is still downwards.
  • How keeping your distance has helped us all. Well Done! You've helped reduce the viral load for us all.
  • The good news about infections to recovery rates. Infections are 14.81% of the UK population and the recovery rate is a massive 51.99%. It is definitely not a guaranteed death sentence.
  • The BBC reports that 'Air pollution levels in the UK have dropped significantly in the two weeks since the country went into lock down to stop the spread of coronavirus.'
Improved Pollution Levels China Pollution Year by Year
France China Pollution changes
  • Less people on the streets lead to less violence in public. If you're getting abuse in private add '55' anywhere in your message to The Good News Zone.
  • Less people getting drunk on the streets take the strain of the police and allow health workers around the world to concentrate on seriously ill people instead of those with self inflicted injuries.
  • Captain Tom, 99, raised ¬£32,794,071 [the fund is now closed] with a long walk in his UK garden. He was just bedding in his new hip and recovering from Cancer.

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but my guess is that they won't try it on Covid-19!#

Covid-19, by PopulationAdvice & General InformationBroadcast Media Round Up