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a) USA & UK Broadcast Media Links
b) Social Media Advice
c) General
d) Covid-19 in Wales
e) U3A HQ's links for Covid advice
f) U3A Chief Executive

a) USA & UK Broadcast Media Links

b) Social Media Guidance

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c) General

  • How social distancing really helps us all. It's called the viral load.
  • The differences between Covid-19 and Coronavirus. Covid-19 is one of the coronavirus family. Its name comes from the words "corona", "virus" and "disease", with the "19" representing the year that it emerged.
  • The USA, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explain that coronaviruses usually cause “mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses”; like the common cold. So technically, to say somebody has a coronavirus could mean anything from them suffering with the common cold to the new deadly strain of the disease.
  • Sat 21st. March. The BBC announce that worldwide, the confirmed cases pass 275,000; more than 11,000 people have died; with nearly 90,000 recovered, that's roughly 4% fatalities.

d) Covid-19 in Wales

  • 1,538 people in Wales have died.
  • The map on the right shows the greatest concentration of fatalities in Wales. Red is the worst and started in South Wales in the East before spreading West. While the Welsh side of the border appears to have been evenly affected, probably from the Midlands.
  • Port Talbot's microbiologist and medical entrepreneur, Sir Chris Evans brings hope to the elderly in the Covid-19 saga, on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show.
  • There are now over 9 thousand people that have tested positive for Covid-19 in Wales; well mostly South Wales. Many of the original infected patients had just returned from Italy. However the expanding spread of contacts, defy our understanding of the virus' current origins.

e) Advice links from the U3A's HQ

f) Advice from the Third Age Trust's Chief Executive

  • The following numbered paragraphs are from the U3A's Chief Executive:-

1. If a member has returned from one of the areas identified by the government and presents with flu-like symptoms including a fever, a cough and/or shortness of breath, they should not hold interest groups in their own homes, or attend interest groups or attend monthly meetings until they have followed the NHS advice provided after calling 111.

2. If a U3A finds that a member has contracted coronavirus, please let the Trust know immediately.

3. The members of interest groups that any member with coronavirus has attended should all call 111 to ask for advice.

4. The monthly meeting should be cancelled for that month (and possibly longer) until the spread of the virus has been assessed.

Covid-19, by PopulationGood News ZoneBroadcast Media Round Up